My 2023 round up

Published on 19 January 2024 at 12:02


2024! It sounds like such an ancient year, or is it just me? When I was growing up in the 90s, for some reason the year 2000 seemed so mammoth, like it wasn't possible to reach. 24 years on and I'm still perplexed.


A new year brings freshness, hope and anticipation. With that in mind, I find writing these types of posts whereby I remember the previous year, are a way to reflect and be thankful. 


So let's take a look back as I try to round up my 2023.


I hope your January is going well so far? 



I took this photo in early March, a double rainbow. I just think they are so rarely seen, it's quite mystical really.



This month was also my nans 90th birthday. The sunshine came out for us all, as the family went to Barton Hall for an afternoon tea. 



Favourite post this month: Tips for some repair of your relationship



April saw a rather big change in my job. I moved to another Firm and have not regretted it whatsoever. I really should have done this sooner. I strongly believe being happy at work is highly important. For me, it also bought back some joy talking to my lovely co-workers, having conversations that can just make your day.


It was the month of my parents' 40th wedding anniversary and we had a lovely family gathering.  We were so lucky as my dad had only just got out of hospital, we do feel blessed.  40 years is a great milestone for a wedding anniversary, I remember being young and my grandparents celebrated theirs, now my daughter has witnessed hers too.



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We experienced glorious weather in May, we visited some beautiful towns including Stamford.  An old town based in Lincolnshire with a High Street full of different shops and picturesque scenes.


I shared a post with my daughter who was going through some bullying:



I thought this was quite apt.


Favourite post this month: My experience with Co-Parenting Part One



Do your children ever ask what it’s like to drive? Are they curious about your car? I bought my 14 year old daughter her very first driving lesson for her birthday.  Young Drivers is a driving experience for 11 to 17 year olds. They actually get to drive a car with an experienced instructor beside them, in a safe environment away from main roads. They receive a book that gets completed each time they do a lesson.  It is made to progress them closer to taking their actual driving test. By the time she can actually drive, she will have known all the basics.  They run half hour lessons or an hour and it is reasonably priced.


We also welcomed Badger the hamster to our family in July, he was only a month old when we bought him home and seems to have settled in rather well.


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Our summer holiday this year was a week spent in Lowestoft, with my daughter and parents. We had absolutely amazing weather while we were away, but staying in a caravan proved a little sticky in the heat. Took a little sunshine summer selfie.



Every summer my town puts on a beer festival at the local park. There are many different beer tents, entertainment and food. It is something the town looks forward to, tasting multiple company’s beer, lager and ciders from local breweries.


My favourite post this month: My Word this Week



We started September with a visit to our local car festival for my partner’s birthday.  I was a bit apprehensive, I didn't know what to expect but it was one of the most fascinating days out I had experienced.  There was plenty to do and see including burn outs, racing, live music and stalls to shop for car enthusiasts. I loved the day so much that we are hoping to go again this year.



As some of my readers may know, I turned 40 in October 2023.  I started my birthday celebrations at the end of September with a weekend away that was a complete secret to me.  I had no idea where I was going nor what itinerary lay ahead.  


Alas, it was one of the most amazing weekend away experiences ever.  We arrived at Center Parks, where surprises for me turned up everywhere.  My sister did an impressive job of making me feel special indeed.  They even wore face masks of me, something I was not expecting.



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My 40th birthday was fun filled and memorable.  A lovely get together with my family, thoughtful gifts and a week off work all made this special for me.  As I had mentioned in a couple of posts this particular month, I was really apprehensive about turning this number for my age, I would have liked to have stayed 39 for many years, however a few months later, I am finding to be grateful saying how old I am and it has sunk in, that a number really is just a number.  It has also reminded me that I need to now start looking after myself a bit more.


My favourite post this month: 40 life lessons learnt, in 40 years



We had been on a couple of rehoming shelters lists for a dog for quite a while now, we never expected to be owning one this year.  Our December started off with welcoming Rusty into our family. We were informed he was a 4 year old Shih-Tzu and that he had not had a good few years in a previous home. We all met him and immediately fell in love.


Post of how we got on coming soon!



For those who would like to follow Rusty, he is on Instagram: trusty_rusty_adventures


What is planned for my 2024 so far?


I have quite a few things planned already, it is always good to have something to look forward to:


A friends 50th weekend away

My mum turns 60 in July

Summer holiday in Somerset


Thank you for reading, as always.


Do you have a Summer holiday booked already for this year?


What is your favourite season of the year?

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4 months ago

I loved reading your round-up of your 2023, I hope you had an amazing 40th birthday! x

Lucy |

3 months ago

Thank you, my birthday was definitely a great memory one I will cherish x

Andrea Hunt
4 months ago

Absolutely loved this! What a fantastic idea. Also, I love the reminder about only people who feel bad about themselves make others feel that way too. It's such an important component when it comes to not taking things personally. Great read loved seeing what you've been up to in the round up :) Enjoy your bday!

3 months ago

Yes I do enjoy sitting down at the end of the year to remind myself, it wasn't a bad one really. Thank you for reading

Graham Crosby
4 months ago

Sounds like a very busy year! I particularly liked the big American cars! The double rainbow photo was ace too.

3 months ago

It was an awesome day out! I'm really wanting to go again. Thank you for reading graham