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Published on 18 August 2023 at 19:36


Hi supporters and welcome to another Word of the Week. Firstly, not much has changed on my blog since my last Word so I can't divulge any new info. Secondly, I am no longer on 'Twitter', sounds awful to say but it's been renamed X. Yes, just a simple capital letter now. The app picture has even changed to an unexcitable black background. I'm rolling out the hashtag #bringbackbluebird 


Who is with me? 


And my Word this week is:

Ineffable. Dictionary meaning: That which can not be expressed or described in language; too great for words. 


Let's get straight onto my topics… 



Well, I did it. I took my daughter (who is 14) to go and watch the Barbie movie of the year. I have to add she was not overly keen to go, but I thought it was a nice girly way to spend some time together.  I had an overwhelming urge, for the first time, to be part of the craze, that was Pink! So we even both dressed in bright pink.  I felt no embarrassment whatsoever and thankfully, early in the morning, the cinema was not rammed with any judgemental people.


My expectations of the movie, from what I had seen of the trailers, were not really that high, I thought it would have been funny at least. But, instead I came away feeling empowered. What a great speech from 'Barbie' and some uplifting topics raised. I can't understand why I have read that some parents stormed out of the movie! It wasn't what I was expecting but at the same time it wasn't bad. It's classified as a 12 and so I wasn't concerned about what my daughter heard. 


My 14 year daughter has told me ‘the plot of the movie was easy to follow, there were some serious moments and times when you can giggle’, so what's not to like?


Can you really be mad at Barbie?




You know how you always say 'one day I'll do that'. Well one thing I have always wanted to do is mess around on a narrow boat, and last month I got to do it! A big group of us on 3 separate boats, took a beautiful 3 hour cruise to a pub, moored up, had a lunch and cruised back to base. The weather held out for us, I even managed to get sunburnt and it was a proper giggle. 


It felt very tranquil taking in scenery with zero care in the world. With a glass of fizz in one hand and standing at the front of the boat doing a 'I'm on top of the world moment' (from Titanic), I was happy and relaxed. If you get the chance to do this, go ahead and book. 


With annual maintenance to a narrow boat, fuel costs and toilet emptying, would you want to live on one?




Is it just me or I am hearing, all too often at the moment, that people are using the fact that they suffer with mental health issues, as a reason for doing wrong? I hate listening to the news recently because those words are flying about way too much, it's ridiculous. 


An older lady last year was let off from causing death by dangerous driving because of her undiagnosed mental health, a woman killing her husband because she didn't like him, put down to mental health and a man going on a random murder spree, has put it all down to mental health. It Infuriates me! We are truly allowing humans charged with murder, walk free!


Those of us who suffer with our mental health, for real, are being forgotten!


Mental health is not new, it's been around for decades, but now that it can be diagnosed more efficiently, are we using it as an excuse?




So, I watched my local blogger on Instagram, who recently released a video about finding new friends to hang out with. I know it may sound strange but I'll explain. 


Bumble was just a dating app, but now you can find your 'best friend forever' on it too. So as I was sitting there finding myself feeling rather jealous of her, I decided to download the app, add a picture and hey presto I was on Bumble bff! And on my very first evening, I was chatting to a couple of women who were so welcoming, I knew I had made a really positive decision. 


I have been chatting now to a lovely lady, living not far from me and we have met up too. We share a lot of common interests and she's helped me realise, there are still some super cool people in this world. You just need to brave the outside more and explore it. I really don't have much of a social life myself, which was one of the reasons for joining the app in the first place. It is so refreshing to talk to someone about all the things in your life and starting almost with a fresh canvas. And the added bonus is when they agree with you or share your opinion. 


Are you a sociable sole? Or hide away in group situations?



My favourite things:


Eating: homemade wedges


Watching: Sex and The City boxset


Playing: Bingo


Talking: About older drivers


Excited: About my 40th birthday plans 


Thank you once again readers. 


Love J x


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Transatlantic Notes
a year ago

I have yet to see the Barbie movie but I've heard really great things about it. The people storming out of it here say because it's "woke" and anti-men, which usually tells me that they don't like women to have a voice — but that's a whole other topic, haha! I really like the idea of thinking about a word that sums up my week or a current situation — I'll have to think on that! Molly |

a year ago

Ah that's interesting to hear Molly, poor Barbie movie has contraversial views all round. Thank you for reading x

Fransic verso
a year ago

We do need the bluebird badly. The x is awful and don't like the black. Interested read!

a year ago

Could not agree more here. And thank you for commenting