Whys & What Fors

I am Jeanette, 40 years old and a single mummy to a beautiful daughter. I have decided to start a blog as I have an active mind and I feel the need to share.  Nothing gets my juices flowing than having a coffee with friends and discussing hot topics.  That is something I hope to bring onto here.  You can expect silly, sensible, outlandish and thought provoking posts.  Some of my blogs you may also find controversial, however this is just me, we all have our own viewpoints.  No one is ever right but nobody is ever wrong either.  I encourage interaction, in fact the more comments the more I know I am doing something right, and I look forward to seeing where this can go.


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New On the Blog:- 



Introducing my new part of the blog specifically designed for male's. 

These post's will be designed around mental health, include some fun topics and helpful links.

I hope you enjoy the read.