Top must haves for your bathroom cabinet

Published on 14 September 2023 at 20:13


A bathroom cabinet usually contains medicinal items or to store hygiene products. But what's in yours? 


I'll share with you some of my recommendations and some items that are pretty much the norm.



Savlon is an antiseptic cream, after cleaning cuts and grazes, use this to help heal and protect. Useful for applying on any blisters that can be susceptible to infection. 



Also known as petroleum jelly, this cream can be used as a daily moisturiser, to be applied on dry skin. A Lot of people use Vaseline on their dried lips. When you get those shaving rashes, it hurts, Vaseline can soothe that too. I personally use this when chafing happens in the Summer.




Is it just me? or when you are needing a plaster, it's normally a rushed action? I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on, so making double sure the plasters live in one place for that quick use is top of my priority. 



Bepanthen is used for the treatment of some skin infections or skin damage. It can heal the damage caused by scalds or even sunburn. It's also great for nappy rash on babies. This is always available in my bathroom cabinet for its versatile use. 


Cotton wool

Its uses are endless! Bathing wounds, applying a cream, cleaning equipment and in some cases stopping the blood flow after a withdrawal. The absorbent pieces of wool are tough enough for any job. 



Because ladies, we all know why this relieving cream is important. Itch relief cream for external itching. Not only can it sooth thrush but it can be used on athletes' foot or any other fungal rash. 



A bit like the plaster rushing around, when a sting happens, from a bee or a wasp, making it feel better becomes an urgent matter. This cream is available in Pharmacies and Boots. 



This is a numbing medicine for gums or mouth sores. Providing instant relief for tooth pain, this gel was a personal godsend for me, when I suffered with my wisdom tooth. You can use the Oragel several times a day if needed.




I have to admit this is a fairly new item for my cabinet, but I don't know where I was without it. Great for keeping an eye on a temperature. 



Types of bathroom cabinets 

Bathroom cabinets are really useful for making surfaces aesthetically pleasing. They can be a great way of storing private products up high, away from any young children. 


When choosing your bathroom cabinet, they can be made to look effortless, like they have always been there:



Some can be made to fit around your sink:



But they are mainly found to be small and up high:



They are the household version of a mini First Aid box. A very important fixing in many bathrooms. 


Thank you for reading. 


Is there something found in your cabinet that I haven't mentioned? Please share.

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