Vaping, the latest craze?

Published on 21 July 2023 at 15:03


I have noticed a massive increase recently of a) the number of people Vaping and b) the vast variety of vapes available to buy. Figures show in 2021 that an average of 3.1 million adults in the UK, have used or are regularly using a vape, and this number has risen significantly since. 


But why is it so popular? 


I personally think it's the new fad, the new 'must have' right now, with the shops advertising them so prominently in their windows, it's no wonder people want to feel part of the craze. 


I feel it's the choice of so many flavours that might be appealing. 


Many decades ago, cigarettes were advertised on our TVs. I do wonder why I have never seen a vape advert in the middle of Britain's Got Talent or Emmerdale? 


What is Vaping? 

Vaping is inhaling a vapor created by an electronic heating element in a handheld device.



What is available? 

Honestly, there are too many to list, and that's not a good thing! Here are some brands I have noticed available:


Crystal bar

Lost Mary 


Ultimate bar





What is the most popular? 


Having only Googled this one and asked users about this question, I hear the Elf bar is highly sought after at the moment. Most of my local shops are running a 'buy two for £10' offer on this vape. Sounds like you're getting a bargain doesn't it? It's too inviting.



Wrong usage 


I have witnessed many teenagers using vapes, even my daughter's school has had to send a letter to parents to warn us that it was an issue. They had confiscated a lot and asked that they not be used while wearing school uniform. 


The fact is, all of the vapes on the market, especially in shops, have nicotine in them in varying amounts, the addiction to it is hard to stop, it's a craving, a drug. I know many local shop owners that are actually not bothered to sell them to the under 18s! 


The vapes available to buy are so proudly arranged at the forefront of many shop counters and windows. For a teenager now, it would be like a small child deciding what sweets to eat, eyes are widened, the mind is having a tough decision and the excitement is building. 


And is it just me but there has been a huge increase in the little shops in town opening, selling purely vapes?!



Thank you for reading, I needed a little vent there. 


Have you vaped? 


I would love to hear your voice on this matter

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Graham Crosby
a year ago

Awful things. Clearly aimed at kids a lot of the time too. I work in a school and vaping is a real worry.

10 months ago

Yes agreed Graham! And among the teenagers it's about peer pressure isn't it. I want them ban