40 Life lessons learnt, in 40 years

Published on 5 October 2023 at 07:28


Strive to be a 40 year old that makes people say 'I wanna be like that when I turn forty'.


Today I have left my thirties behind and entered into a new decade beginning with the number 4. I have to be honest here, I have been dreading this moment all year! 


I have been told ' life begins at 40', so I began to wonder if it's really true? And what about all the years behind me? Do they not count? 


So I have put together my 40 life lessons, all learnt and adapted in those years behind me:-


You don't know what someone might be going through 


Learn by your mistakes 


Don't judge others


Let it go


Life is too short 


Our world is delicate (pandemics, environment)



Change is good


Patience is golden 


Don't be afraid to ask for help 


Time flies 


You're stronger than you think 


Your circle of friends will change 


Trust is forever 


Be kind 


Go explore




Be respectful 


Don't chew with your mouth open


Don't drink when someone is telling a funny story 


Listen to your children's worries 


Say I love you to your children every day


Make a Will


Tell your parents you love them 


Say thank you


Think before you speak


Appreciate all the small things 




Wear sun cream


Always carry lip balm


Keep calm and carry on 


Don't change for no one


Savour every quiet moment


Don't go to sleep on an argument 


Alone time is needed 


Manners cost nothing 


It takes time to figure out who you can trust 


Cry when you want to


Take care of your feet


Remember people's birthdays and make them feel special 


Keep your bedroom tidy 


When collating this list over a month or so, I was adding things to it all too quickly, I could have actually listed more than 40, aren't I a wise owl, these are not necessarily hard lessons to learn either, they should be installed instinctively, let that be a lesson to you. 


Thank you for reading this post and happy birthday to me. 


What would be your ideal way to spend a special birthday? 

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6 months ago

Happy 40th Birthday lovely! I hope you have the best day, I love the 40 lessons you have learned in 40 years! x

Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

6 months ago

Thank you so much x

6 months ago

Happy belated birthday to you :) that's a lovely list. https://brigittapasztor.blogspot.com/2023/10/exploring-arc-hungarys-celebrated-art.html

6 months ago

I really enjoyed putting this together, thank you for reading

Fadima Mooneira
6 months ago

Happy Birthday. And I wish you all the best in your new chapter. Have an awesome flirtatious 40.

6 months ago

Thank you so much