How I hit the reset button

Published on 26 June 2022 at 19:12


I have to be honest I don't get a lot of me-time, I am usually running around for my daughter allowing her social life to blossom or usually out visiting friends or family, but when I can, I like to hit that reset button.  I have a couple of hobbies and a few particular things I enjoy doing. 


Having a hobby brings me joy and I think it is important to have one. Sometimes to relieve stress or even to pass a bit of time, it allows a step back from busy routines and work life. (oh and housework). 


5d diamond art 

This started off being my 'lockdown' time filler and like most hobbies I just couldn't stop buying more and more. For those who have not heard of this, it is a beautiful picture divided up into letters and numbers with a coordinating diamond. The picture has a sticky residue which you then take one "diamond* and attach it to the picture. You've guessed it, one picture can be made up of over 1000 diamonds. 


I really enjoy doing these and with lots of completed pictures and loads more to do, it actually excites me. When you look at your finished creation and take in all those hours it took to do, it's worth it, I just need to buy frames for them all now. 



Nail art

As most of my readers will know, nail art is part of who I am. I am often found surrounded by my nail varnishes creating a range of different nail designs. I post quite a lot of my seasonal pieces here and I absolutely love it.



Everything and anything to do with nails has become my obsession and I even passed an online Diploma course to boost my confidence. In the past I have given my friends and family some beautiful manicures and also completed a set of bridal nails, this allows my creativity to run as free as it can get.



Watching Netflix 

I know I am part of the masses here but I do feel I am a little too obsessed, I have either watched something people have recommended or it's on my watch list to do so at a later date,  I am one of those people who can't watch too many box sets at once, I wouldn't be able to keep track of storylines, so I watch one complete box set at a time. Netflix is probably watched more than normal TV channels in my house, it goes on as either background noise or as a complete binge watch. I will go to Netflix before even checking through normal TV. 


Finding inspiration 

Even before I started my blog, I would often sit and think about words, subjects and my opinions would form rapidly on many topics. In fact I am right now thinking of future posts to write.  I read magazines, I gain inspiration, I chat to friends and I can even be sitting at work and one idea will just pop up in my head. I am always seeking blogging ideas in everything I do. I love making lists and have more than enough topics to keep me going. It actually excites me, knowing I have something to keep working towards and create posts for the future. 


Coffee & cake visits 

When I just want to get out of the house, especially on the weekends when my daughter is with her dad, the first port of call for me is the coffee shop. Either to visit my local one just to sit and people watch or attending a drive through and then find somewhere to park up and take in a view. 


But I go one step further… With my coffee I like to find a good cake to go with it,  I'm sure it is actually a legal requirement. Handmade cake, pastry or a caramel shortbread, I'm sure I have tasted them all over time. I do get tremendous joy out of doing this simple pleasure.



Reading others blogs 

I do find if I have a spare 15 minutes I am constantly scrolling through Twitter and reading everyone's new posts. I feel I need to stay consistent and present on Twitter as it is my only source of social media outlet at the moment. But also the support I receive in the communities I am part of are nothing but amazing, so it's only right I support others also. I read quite a lot of posts and before I know it time has passed and I feel like I've entered another universe almost. 


Being on the phone

I do love to talk! I am very often on the phone chatting to people. Be it my mum, my sister, my partner or friends. Just sometimes messaging won't cut the conversations you need to have either in person or on a phone call. I have on more occasions than I can count, spent over two hours on phone conversations. 


We all have our ways to keep us ticking along, sometimes it is nice to sit and not do anything, to switch off and enjoy the moment. Whatever you do, I hope you are keeping happy most importantly. 


Why do you think hobbies are important? 


Has this post got you thinking about taking up a new interest?


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Molly |
2 years ago

Hobbies are definitely important; I think I need to refresh mine and make a bit more effort to incorporate them into my day or whenever I can (most likely the weekend). Thanks for sharing yours!

2 years ago

Thank you for reading. It is nice to try something new also, something you've always wanted to do.

Jade MumLifeandMe
2 years ago

I know what you mean - as a mum it’s great to get some time to yourself to do the things you enjoy. I love your nail art! They look great! Thanks for sharing. Jade

2 years ago

Aww thank you for commenting jade. It can be aas small as 30 minutes sometimes and I'll brig my creativity hat haha

2 years ago

I love this! Your nail art looks absolutely incredible and I'd love to try diamond art someday. I also love reading other people's blog posts! Thank you so much for sharing x

2 years ago

Well thank you that's kind. I can lose a long time just purely reading and supporting it sounds like you're the same. So glad you read mine

Kevin Foodie
2 years ago

Awesome tips. We all need to hit the reset button from time to time. Surprisingly, my consumption of Netflix significantly decreased during the pandemic. Youtube was my go to. Coffee and cake sounds great to me. Never heard of 5d Diamond Art, but sounds interesting.

2 years ago

Thanks for your comments. Once I started a 5d diamond art I could not stop and then was eager to start another after another. Its a good way to ease a stressful day too.

2 years ago

Having hobbies is so important for your mental health! I’m a big book worm, and love listening to podcasts as well.

2 years ago

I do agree, whether we like it or not hitting that reset button is just what the doctor ordered.

Now podcasts, I have only ever listened to one. Must do this more often