What is Chicken Little Syndrome

Published on 12 May 2022 at 09:15


Me, I worry about all the small things and all the big things in my life, from sunrise to sunset, 24/7. I am aware of this problem but I can't stop it from happening, I am often asked how I sleep at night but the truth is, I do find it hard to switch off most evenings. 


So how do I link my anxiety to Chicken Little? Here goes… 


Have you read the story of 'Chicken Little'? 


A little chick is finding his way in the world, exploring everything new, asking lots of questions and trying to fit in. One day something falls on his head, he believes the sky is falling and whips up a frenzy amongst all other animals on the farm. While the animals are running around fearing for their lives, a nasty fox takes advantage of this and leads them into real danger. It turned out that an acorn fell from a tree onto the chick's head, not the sky. 


The moral behind the story… 


While one can use fear mongering, it weakens society and may end up costing lives.


That moment when others pick you up on how much your calamity is uncalled for, is the justification they can call you chicken little. 


Why I think I am Chicken Little 


I do over-worry about things in my life, my head is constantly filled with thoughts and then I exacerbate them too, it's verging on anxiety at times and more typically it's over things that can quite easily be resolved (the acorn moment). However, the worry is there and it causes me more effort to get through the day than others. When it has an effect on others around me, for example my daughter, it's time for me to take a raincheck.



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Helping myself 


The best thing is I have recognised it. Here are three things that help me get out of the rut:


  1. Talking. My partner is always at the end of the phone, and more times than I care to count he helps me resolve my worries, purely because I talk openly about them. 
  2. Take a minute. To step back, grab a moment and breathe. 
  3. Make a list. I write lists for everything, so I have a great supply of notebooks around. If I don't tick anything off the list at least I have written my worries down and got them out of my head. 


One thing I have found is the difference in people who understand my worries and support me. You soon begin to realise those who'd prefer to tell you you're being silly than those who offer a way out of your rut, so of course I tend to want to spend more time with those people and not bring myself down with extra negativity.



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Planning ahead


Like with most things planning is the best policy, I have certainly found it helps with the blogging side of things anyway. But also I mean for events or occasions coming up. I love my diary for this specific reason. Put it in writing and write as many details down for the event as possible, that way when you turn a new page in the diary you'll have everything you need in front of you and you won't be over thinking anything. It's a fantastic way to save some time in the long run too.


Some comforting words:


  • Don't let the chicken little Syndrome own you, you own it instead! 


  • Don't let it manifest and talk about why you feel the way you do. 


  • You're not alone when you think the sky is falling. 


Do you have a quirk like me? What is it?

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Fadima Mooneira
2 years ago

This is the first time I heard of chicken little syndrome. Thank you for making me learn new things.

2 years ago

You're welcome And thank you for reading 😁

Molly | Transatlantic Notes
2 years ago

I definitely recognize this within myself at times; I had no idea it was so common to experience! Thanks for sharing this; it was so useful to read about!

Molly | transatlanticnotes.com

2 years ago

Definitely not alone, tha k you for commenting x

Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)
2 years ago

We will be concerned about things but it’s vital not to allow it to overwhelm you. We do not know what a day holds for sure. I am thankful for my faith and trust in God that encourages and reminds me that He holds it all in His hands. Thank you for sharing this important encouraging post. ☺️

Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

2 years ago

It is very common worrying its great we can all find encouragement eventually, it's put there for all

Sal Gaze
2 years ago

One of the many things I love about your blog is that I learn something new. Your blog inspires me, makes me laugh, cheers me up. And I love that I get excited to see what’s coming next To sit down with a cuppa and have a read! If only it was twice a month!! 😊

2 years ago

This means so much to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You're a true friend always there for me x