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Published on 2 April 2022 at 12:00


It has been a wee while since I released one of these, apologies. It has been a rather busy start to my year so far, to name a few things, covid knocking me out for a couple of weeks, family commitments and work, I  do feel like the months are flying by though, is it just me? 


As usual I will share my stats with you but I'm keeping some close to my chest for now, because I am celebrating my one year Blog-versary next month and as much I like boasting, I'm sure you readers and supporters don't want to know about it twice. 


With 763 followers now on Twitter, it is definitely working for me and I have no intention of leaving this site whatsoever. 


I have had over 3,500 page views on the blog. This is huge to me. It's the number when a visitor reads an individual page, I'm pleased because it also means my readers are viewing several pages upon their visits, which is exactly what I need. 


And now my Word of the week is

Facetious. The dictionary meaning; not serious about a serious subject, an attempt to be funny or appear clever. I just love this word, I quite often use this one it just rolls off the tongue for me. 


Now time for some gossip:


Photo from Unsplash


Will Smith at the Oscars

Well, talk about giving everyone something to talk about, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon too. I put out a tweet asking for thoughts on it the day after and it was a mixed feedback, somewhere between 'he should hand back his Oscar' to 'he was defending his wife'. 


Personally I don't think Chris Rock should have stooped that low and I don't think Will Smith should have made a show like he did. Both were very silly in my eyes. 


I think Will was rather ott (over the top) with the swearing part, I think the huge slap on stage said plenty enough. But well done to Chris who while shocked, carried on professionally. 

Was anyone in the right here?




I had to mention it because it still feels wrong to me, in every way. I don't know about you but watching it unfold in front of my eyes every evening is quite soul destroying, my heart pours for them. The Ukrainian people are just like me and you, they work hard, they go to church, but above all they love their Country. 


I was just wondering though, can we believe everything the media are telling us? Or how do we decide between reliable facts or fake news? 


We are told the Russian soldiers had been given orders but didn't exactly know what for until they arrived at the Ukraine borders. True? Or are they really clued up on what's happening? 


We are told Putin is lying to the people of Russia, is he? Are they innocent? They must have some idea of what their Leader is really up to. 


Cadbury chocolate bars

Is it just me, Cadbury have actually shrunk their family bars. I thought I would do some research into this to find out if it was true. 


To my amazement, it seems I was indeed correct, they have shrunk them down 10% to reduce the calories to less than 200. They announced last year they wish to play their part in tackling obesity however prices have pretty much stayed the same. Do you think this is ok? 



I don't know about you, but I need to go to a huge wedding celebration right now. A church ceremony followed by a dance all night kind of celebration. I went through four years where I attended a wedding every year, I made it my thing and I was gutted when covid kicked our butt's and put a stop to my annual tradition, now I don't have one invitation.


Photo from Unsplash


I do love a good wedding though, they're emotional, fun and exciting all at the same time. I buy a new outfit for a different wedding and love accessorising too. They're a feel-good occasion. I am just pretty desperate for the next one. When was the last wedding you attended? 


Do you have great news to share this week? 


If you could change two things about the world right now, what would they be? 


J x

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Molly | Transatlantic Notes
2 years ago

It's certainly been a week or so of interesting, heartbreaking and unusual news -- it's sometimes overwhelming to hear it all, etc. I have so many layered thoughts about the Smith/Rock situation that I can't really put it all down other than there is some serious healing needed here and I hope all involved/impacted find it.
I love your word of the week too, haha -- definitely rolls of the tongue!

2 years ago

Thank you Molly, I agree with you too, some serious notes from the action at the Oscars need to be considered and dealt with. Thank you for commenting

Tea Spangsberg
2 years ago

I absolutely hate when they shrink the size and then keep the price. But on the other side I can't complain too much, because it means i end up eating less chocolate :P

2 years ago

As a huge chocolate fan myself I want more not less and to pay alot for less is quite wrong. Thank you for reading.

2 years ago

It's been a very interesting week! The whole Will Smith/Chris Rock drama has certainly dominated headlines! x

Lucy |

2 years ago

It really has, but to be fair it was quite bad. Not seen anything like it for a long while. Thanks for reading

2 years ago

This year does seem to be in full swing on superspeed. Congratulations on the page views! I know the work that it takes to get eyes on the posts, so great work! I hope to be where you are when my anniversary hits. It's great that you still enjoy blogging. It's a lot of work but a lot of fun. I love your word. I love words in general, but that one is a good one. Aside from bits here and there, I really haven't paid any attention to the Oscars situation. I haven't watched replays or anything. I just can't be bothered. Ukraine breaks my heart.

As for the chocolate? Don't mess with my chocolate.

Looking forward to future posts and more chats!

2 years ago

Haha, your chocolate comment made me giggle, you sound just like me! Thanks for commenting cassie x

2 years ago

This was a good post! The Will Smith and Chris Rock thing was huge. I don’t think either one was right at all. I understand Will Smiths side but I doing condone violence but on Chris Rocks Point I don’t Condone bullying either. Everything going on with Ukraine is just a lot, I could not imagine how they feel. So much always going on in the world. Thank you for sharing.

2 years ago

It seems we are in agreement, both were wrong in some way. Thank you for reading x