Phrases of Encouragement

Published on 6 March 2022 at 11:50


I know these may go in one ear and out the other, or in one eye and out the other, if that is even possible, but if one phrase sticks today then we have both achieved a great thing. 


Staying emotionally on top of your day is so important, positive mental attitude and all that. Let's encourage others too and write down your favourite ones to share today. 


Here are 8 of my favourite quotes:


You are loved

Because you are, by someone always. You may not know it but you impact on the most unexpected of people sometimes.


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Dream it believe it achieve it

Quote by Tony Robins. It means to believe in yourself and take action. Believing that you can reach your goals and dreams. Opportunities do not come to your door, you have to get them. 


The past cannot be altered 

A Lot of people regret their pasts and some have dark pasts that they bring forward into their future, this quote is about not rehashing it, but that your future is in your power. 


You've got this! 

I'm telling you, today is the day, you have this in your power, go get em tiger. 


Laugh more worry less

Laughing is the key to the soul, even a smile can be infectious. Put on your favourite comedy show, watch pets do silly things on YouTube or tell your favourite joke and laugh.


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Nobody is perfect

Meaning exactly what it says on the tin, we all make mistakes, acknowledging your flaws is a huge step in the right direction. But what we can do is learn from our mistakes and move on. 


This is tough… but you are tougher 

One of my favourites! Life is tough but you are stronger than you think. You will get through anything.


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Positive thoughts create positive things

Creating an optimistic outlook and approaching everything with good intentions. 


Some important links 

Below are a couple of sites with some useful information. I recommend a little read:


I hope you feel just a little more encouraged now. Love to you all


J x

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2 years ago

I needed this today! Thanks so much for sharing, some truly lovely and inspiring words. X

2 years ago

Thank you for your kind comments, I hope you had a good week, sometimes I write a phrase down and stick it on my screen monitor at work, I read it often and weirdly it gets me through

2 years ago

Positivity is much needed these days! Thank you for sharing.

2 years ago

You're very welcome, thank you for reading

Molly | Transatlantic Notes
2 years ago

This was lovely to read and so needed; I've been struggling a bit recently and this was a nice pick me up this morning!

2 years ago

Always here molly if you need to talk, take one phrase and use it all day, reminders are important x

Sal Gaze
2 years ago

Perfect words Jeanette, it’s the little things, just those few words can really help and help to change when needed. Thank you so much

2 years ago

Thank you for reading. You're very kind, I hope these words can help x

2 years ago

Great gems you have here 😊 thanks for sharing them with us! 🌻

2 years ago

You're welcome Vanessa, I hope they can help at least one person