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Published on 23 January 2022 at 11:20


I feel bad that I have abandoned my weekly word so much. I have been quite busy these past couple of months but I have also been on top of my blogging game. With organising my scheduling pattern now and of course there was blogmas, in which I released a post for 12 days continuously. So as usual, let's get my stats up to date, I now have 545 followers on Twitter, my monthly page views for December on the blog was 319, my Domain Authority has gone from 6 in September 2021 to 8 now and I have just organised my very first advertisement with another blogger for March and April, in which she will promote my blog for me. These stats are incredible, thank you all again for your support. 


My word this week is Pragmatic. The dictionary meaning: dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.


Best places for sales

The January sales are upon us and we all love a bargain, have you taken advantage yet? I know we did. Braving the retail shopping areas in the week between Christmas and New year turned out to be a rather good idea, having never done this before I was rather skeptical. I was expecting the shops to be over crowded but I was pleasantly surprised. Here are the shops where we spent our Christmas money:


  • Superdrug
  • Primark
  • The Works
  • Poundland


Mask wearing

Quite a few months ago I had a little vent about seeing many passengers on public transport not wearing masks, this was back when it was our choice to wear them but still required on public transport. Anyway, having experienced a shop manager just the other day arguing with a lady who wouldn't wear hers correctly, it made me think about who was really in the right here? 


In the end the manager sent her out of the shop, but so many others including myself were a little disgusted it had kicked off like it had. I keep being told it is not the law, that you actually don't have to wear a mask, but for me I have been ordered by the Government that it is advisable to wear one so I do. When a shop is displaying signs to 'wear masks in this shop', surely you would abide? 


I have seen in many many shops they're not enforcing the mask wearing but being met with this ladies attitude by people, I can see why not now. However, what is going through a person's mind when they think they don't have to abide?



I've killed my poinsettia 

I was given my very first flower in a pot at the beginning of December, and of all flowers it was a beautiful poinsettia. Its beautiful red colour makes it a great flower for Christmas time, so I was quite looking forward to taking care of it. I thought I had done well, until I went back to work in January and things just got busier, that one day I looked at it and realised it wasn't alive any more. I'm a little disappointed in myself if I'm being honest, I thought I could be proud of this plant and boast I had it since December. If I buy another house plant, what should I get? But what happens if I kill that one too, maybe I'm not supposed to look after plants?




My local area experienced a mini-tornado back in November, I realise that to those who experience these often this is nothing, but we don't have them here and not many trees survived it. Tiles on my roof smashed to the floor and my front fence was left collapsed onto my neighbours garden. All repairs were reported and I'm still waiting for someone to come out and put them right. What has been the worst that has happened to your property due to mother nature? 


Exciting boxsets 

Here's what I am watching right now or have and recommend a view now on Netflix:


  • Dynasty 
  • Stay close 
  • You
  • Maid
  • Insatiable
  • The good girls 


Would you like to share any news this week with us? 


I have been to the cinema twice this year already ! It's so good to be back, I have also seen some upcoming movies that I'm looking forward to, including a new Downton Abbey.


Have you been to see anything you can recommend to the readers? 


J x

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2 years ago

I would like to think I am pragmatic but often am quite instinctive.