Creating Christmas memories

Published on 11 December 2021 at 10:35


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Cherished family time together, inviting extended members and sharing precious moments as one, is timeless. More so at Christmas than at any other time. I have come up with some ideas below to seek those memories:


Giving the gift of time

This has got to be one of the most rewarding things you can give, not just at Christmas but also throughout the year. I don't know about you but as I have seen over many years, the elderly need our help in particular. Watching my nan go from a dancing independent lady to someone who struggles now with the smallest of chores in such a short space of time, opened my eyes to respecting all that they have achieved and experienced. I still love hearing stories of her childhood and more particularly how her and my grandad met and survived through tough times. 


Visiting care homes delivering cakes and biscuits and most importantly your time, would be a lovely gesture that will be appreciated by everyone involved.  Maybe a Homeless shelter too, these have to be the loneliest experiences I can imagine, your children might be shocked to realise that entire families have nothing at Christmas and by volunteering at a shelter, help with the preparation or donating gifts, you'll be making a positive impact on those less fortunate and the children will hopefully appreciate what they have a little more. Check out this link below to find your nearest volunteering hot spot:


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Visiting lights

Most towns like to make the local light switch on a big deal and we have attended a couple ourselves. It is quite magical and the faces on the children are priceless. But there are so many options here. Last year I stumbled upon a street in a nearby village who every year put on a display of lights on every house. Drinks were offered and even Santa made an appearance, it was quite a fantastic find. Then there's the big ones, London of course. We went to Oxford Street on one of our many spontaneous road trips a few years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, they were very impressive and it was a treasured moment that we talk about every year.



Visiting Santa

This might be an obvious choice but I remember back to many beautiful days out taking my daughter to see the important man. Lots of local places offer some wonderful special treats including craft days, grottos and fayres. The children will remember these moments for a long time, getting them all excited for the big day. 


Craft fairs

I really enjoy walking around the craft fairs especially Christmas ones. All the little trinket handmade gifts are amazing and I always come away with some great ideas. Here is a link to help you find your nearest fairs or markets:


Ice skating 

This has become a seasonal family visit now, a lot of people book up in advance as the rinks work mainly on time slots. But it's a great photo opportunity to get the family involved and can guarantee some laughs too. 


Carol service

Most churches hold Carol services in the weeks leading up to Christmas. You can experience hymn singing and a beautiful service. It's a lovely family atmosphere


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