Bauble Decorations or Gifts

Published on 10 December 2021 at 09:22


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I have never done this before so I gave it a try for the first time. I really enjoyed putting them together and there are so many ideas that I just had to stop before I got too carried away. 


What to buy:


Plastic sized ready made baubles - there are a few different sizes to choose from, I chose 10cm. There were 10 in the bundle and they were bought from Amazon. Priced at £13.99.



Here is what I filled the baubles with:



I bought a bag of miniature chocolate bars, there are four in this Bauble but you could really fill it up with quite a few more. You could put any chocolate in them including truffles, fudge or even liquors.




I bought 3 cute tiny Teddies from Amazon priced at £6.99. I've put all 3 in a bauble and added some present decoration. You can add tinsel if gifting to someone else, they're quite adorable.



Mini poppets

Being part of the trend at the moment, these little poppets Fidget toys would make a brilliant gift, you can find them in most shops now.



Nail kits

I have put some mini hand cream and two small bottles of nail varnish. You can add maybe a small pair of nail scissors or mini nail files.



Other suggestions:

  • Miniature tools, for example a spirit level, screwdrivers and tape measure. 



    • Miniature alcoholic bottles
    • A notepad or coloring book and crayons for the children. 
    • Personalised socks
    • Bath bombs 
    • Miniature perfumes


    • Even a school picture that can be gifted to maybe grandparents. 


    You can top them up with tinsel, lights or small parcels as shown. They are cheap and easy and can be a great gift idea too. 


    Tomorrows installment : creating memories at Christmas 


    J x

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