Not-so-Christmas movies

Published on 9 December 2021 at 09:51


We all have those Christmas favourites I know I do, but have you ever thought about the ones that might not be so popular? The movies that are actually Christmas themed too but for some reason are not shown on TV. Here are a few you wouldn't think of:


Gremlins - 1984. Intriguing creatures with a background. 


Bridget Jones' Diary - 2001. Bridget's life with funny mishaps sure to make a great watch. 


Brewsters Millions - 1985. Brewster inherits in his millions but there is a caveat. 

Ghostbusters - 1984. Ex-scientists who lose their jobs and form the Ghostbusters, to fight all creatures in New York City.



Trading Places - 1983. One of Eddie Murphy's finest films. A classic rich becomes the poor and the poor become the rich film. 

Ernest Saves Christmas - 1988. Ernest has to work hard to help Santa with his last mission.



Flight of the Navigator - 1986. A sci-fi adventure for a young boy after going missing for 8 years. 


These films, whilst not being atypical for Christmas, do give that feel good factor that we all enjoy, they also help by not being overly Christmasy, thus helping to preserve that precious Christmas spirit. 


Tomorrows instalment: my bauble decorations or gifts 


J x

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3 years ago

I LOVE Gremlins! My son recently watched it for the first time (He's 7) and he thought it was hilariously amazing.

3 years ago

It is quite a classic isn't it. I'm so happy your son adores the film too