A Themed Christmas

Published on 8 December 2021 at 18:17

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You've bought the presents, you've drawn up the shopping list for the food and even sorted the itinerary for the rest of December. However, the house now needs that Christmas magic, I find even the smallest of tinsel put around a picture frame or lighting a cinnamon candle can make all the difference. But what if you are one of those people who decorate the whole house, have you thought about keeping to a theme throughout? It will flow nicely throughout and certainly make your home a talking point with all who visit over Christmas. 


The Tree 

Starting with decorating the tree and continuing the theme outwards. Sticking to a particular colour could be a nice idea, perhaps gold, red or even blue maybe, in fact any colour you fancy, this is your design after all. You could go with the idea of a snowy tree, buying white tinsel and some polar bear tree decorations, a little fake snow here and there or how about a reindeer theme or even a penguin one? All of which can quite easily be spread throughout the house.


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My sister this year is doing a woodland themed tree, I was lucky enough to be with her when purchasing the decorations at The Range as I took the opportunity to expand her original ideas, like this beautiful tree skirt at £14.99:



The table 

Lets face it, creating your table's theme is just as exciting as decorating the house, maybe you could bring some outside ideas inside, you can buy some Holly decorations from Amazon or Wilko. Having some fairy lights woven into the holly would be a good idea, again, making sure to stick to your chosen theme, connecting it all through from where your tree is to your dining room table. You can always impress your guests with napkin origami, there are lots of these online, making either Christmas trees or even elf boots. It's all reasonably priced too so you don't need to be extravagant.



Matching pajamas 

I don't know about you, but this seems to be a big thing now. I'm hearing that a lot of people are into this idea. So here are some ideas:


  • Elf squad, available from Amazon


  • The Grinch, available from KidsHOO



Outdoor decorations

It's so lovely to see the outside of homes brightly lit with twinkly lights and cute designs. You can dress up your windows and any trees and plants. Your local DIY stores will have their displays out to help with inspiration, as a side note, wait until New Year's to buy your outdoor lights for next year, the price discounts are huge - sometimes 50% off. Have a little drive around the neighbourhoods for more inspiration. It's a tradition we do every year.



Is your street lit up at Christmas? Do you have any neighbours that get competitive with each other? 


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