The alternative festive meal

Published on 7 December 2021 at 16:32


Personally I have eaten out at a favourite restaurant a few times now on Christmas day and although the change was hard at first, I was overjoyed every single time. We would have a lovely 3 course meal, a drink of absolutely anything and a cracker waiting for us. The restaurant looked so pretty and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. 


Below are reasons why this could be a positive change for you too:


The costs

I can hear you now 'but it's too expensive', I think if you actually sat down and calculated exactly what you'll spend on the whole meal at home, including drinks, you will find that per head it would work out more. Try it, remember all the meats, all the vegetables, starters and dessert if you have these, the Christmas crackers and the dressing of the table too… it all mounts up doesn't it.



Getting 'cook' out of the kitchen

Ask yourself, how much of the cook do you see on the day? I think it's guaranteed they are chained to the kitchen just 'checking' on the dinner. Going out frees this person up. You see more of each other spending quality time together, which let's face it that's what Christmas is really about. 


No last minute shopping 

I know what it's like on the days leading up to it, there will always be something that was forgotten. You may have to wait for a turkey to be back in stock or you've forgotten the stuffing mix or you leave the vegetable shopping until last minute. When you go out for dinner, none of those last minute panics happen. Someone else is taking care of all that for you. And what about sitting there on Christmas eve peeling vegetables and prepping the meats, all time consuming stuff. Again, this is not needed when it's all being done at the restaurant instead.


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No washing up

It's quite self explanatory, someone else is doing this for you. No one arguing over whose turn it is to dry up or spending more time away from the rest of the family who are having fun in the other room. 


Fussy eaters

… are now someone else's problem for the day. Everyone has their own 'dislike' of part of the meal. For some it's the carrots, others it's brussels and they blame the cook after all that hard work you've done, you're getting blamed for not remembering to leave something off their plate. 



Who hasn't thought about having a succulent steak for Christmas Dinner instead? Well live the dream, people. Go and do it. It's all about stepping outside the norm. You could even have ham, egg and chips if you like, the menu is full of choice. Of course there is the traditional turkey dinner still available too. 


Festive spirit

When you're feeling a bit low, going out will recharge the batteries. Everyone is in high spirits and the Staff who are working make it memorable for you.


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  • There will be no turkey sandwiches for supper that night, sorry.
  • And of course who will drive? Unless you're lucky to have a local who does Christmas day dinner. 


Will you, or indeed have you, dared to be different for Christmas Dinner? 


Tomorrows instalment : A themed Christmas 


J x

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2 years ago

The last minute shopping is always my least favorite part about holiday meals. I don’t think there has ever been a year where we didn’t forget something! This post really has me thinking!

2 years ago

Yes forgetful us my middle name! Has happened to me more than once, but the weight off my shoulders going out has been amazing

2 years ago

I would definitely dine out for Christmas! Or get take out. I do like my at home Christmas feast as well but I would be open to changing it up! Plus, no clean up involved is a definite plus!

2 years ago

Eating out really does make a difference. It's a lovely time spent in a great atmosphere