Realising you might not enjoy Christmas

Published on 6 December 2021 at 16:41


Have you ever woken up on Christmas day morning and the buzz just isn't there? 


There may be reasons for this as below:


Days are short 

It's the middle of winter and we're not seeing many daylight hours. It's cold and it always seems to be dull outside, this is enough for anyone let alone adding strain to it all of a big day ahead where people expect you to be happy & smiling, whereas you'd rather be at home buried under the duvet.


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Gift anxiety 

If you are a people pleaser, you'll be worrying right up until the recipient opens your gift. And then when they have, you may not receive the reaction from that person you expected. You don't want your choices to be wrong either. You want the gifts to be perfect. Fortunately, you are not alone. Lots of people feel the pressure and I personally can't stand those who get it right every single time, it's not normal!



When there are overexcited children mixed with loads of different conversations going on in every direction, the sheer volume and the expectation that you must contribute to the topics, can be exhausting. It is a natural response to feel overwhelmed with trying to process all these emotions at once. 


Feeling trapped

Sometimes you just want to turn up, unwrap your gifts, have a little bite to eat and then leave but you also feel obliged to stay longer and that's when entrapment will bring on more anxiety. 


This is all ok! I think if we are honest with ourselves we all feel like this to some extent, and there really is nothing wrong with excusing yourself for 5 minutes to collect your thoughts and have a breather if needed. You need to look after number one… you.



So, remember to take a breath, pace out the day, make a list of things you feel need to be done if it helps, lists do help me I find, my partner not so much. I find it's one thing at a time, don't beat yourself up if something doesn't go as planned, that's okay remember? Taking this advice in hand, you may well find you have a much better and more relaxed time than you anticipated or worried about, you don't have to enjoy the whole day, even just enjoying the meal, a gift or a conversation should be viewed as a win. 


Do you have any advice you'd care to share about getting through the day?


J x

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Transatlantic Notes
3 years ago

I find making a short list of things that are going well or have been enjoyable (not matter how small) and reviewing it at the end of the day helps me at least find a way to see some positives, etc. It's not for everyone but it's certainly helped me when I've needed it.

Molly |

3 years ago

Yes, lists are my everything too. Writing great goals down are definitely a step in the right direction