Couples gift ideas

Published on 4 December 2021 at 09:57


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Why are you buying two separate presents for a couple? Save some money and buy them a joint gift instead. 


Here are some suggestions:


Gift hampers 

I have made these up myself for several years in a row now. A personal idea that shows you know them well. I've mainly focused on 'a night in', so I'd buy snacks, the newest film on dvd, chocolate, a board game and a bottle of their favourite tipple. They've always been greatly appreciated and you just can't go wrong. Some other ideas could be:


  • A night out 
  • Specific chocolate hamper
  • Alcohol 
  • An afternoon tea


Adventure book

This is fast becoming a big trend now, I have seen it advertised on social media a lot. It is filled with either date night ideas or little adventures, you can buy ones with daily quests or weekly and each time you take a photo of that quest and add it to the scrap book.



Personalised gifts 

Always a popular choice, from framing a dating memory to a pillow with a picture of their wedding day on it. My favourite place to search for these sorts of gifts is:


Couples bracelets 

Another trend this year largely due to Jake giving this to Liberty in Love Island. Both of you wear a bracelet (available in different colours) and there is a magnet attached to both that when brought together it becomes a whole piece.




A glamping night away for the couple, this quirky idea is not for everyone but more for those who are adventurous. There are plenty of glampsites all over the UK, and lots of choices from yurts to pods. Check out this website for more ideas:



Couples casting kit

Making a lasting cast of their hands holding hands forever. The kit is available to buy on Amazon. It's a simple process to do and I'm sure they'll be excited to show it off to you too.



What would you like to receive as a couple gift? 


J x

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Fadima Mooneira
2 years ago

These are good gift ideas for couples. I like the adventure journal idea. Thank you for sharing.

2 years ago

Thank you for your lovely comments. The adventure book is very exciting

2 years ago

Absolutely perfect couples gifts! I have to remember some of these for next year😊

2 years ago

Thank you. Sorry I couldn't get this out sooner, might have saved you some money 💵 x