Don't fall into the trap of Bankrupting yourself

Published on 2 December 2021 at 09:15


Just because it's Christmas you don't have to overspend and regret it later. Borrowing more money is not the way forward either, because you won't know how you'll repay it all back and will only add to your stress. 


For those who may already be in debt you know the worries of staying awake at night thinking about it all, so don't make it worse. 


Be honest with everyone, that's all we can ever ask for. Inform those who you'd love to give a gift but realistically can't, that this year is a struggle and perhaps offer that only those under 18 will receive a gift, those that treasure you will understand and not judge.



Here are just a few ideas to save some money this year:


Setting a budget 

I have done this for a few years now, I write my list of names and set out their budget next to it and know that I will not go over it. Stick to it, don't ignore it. Shop around, check online and ask about, your gift will be cheaper, slightly in some cases than the place you thought you were going to shop. 


Christmas cards

… Are out! E-cards are in. Everyone practically has an email address nowadays, so why not jump on the biggest trend right now. I actually quite like receiving emails so I'd be really happy if I got one. 


Handmade gifts 

Trying to make gifts for people is a really thoughtful idea. It's personal and something bespoke that can not be matched. Here are a few ideas:


Truffles - any flavours and can also be alcohol infused.


Preserves - jams and marmalades, to name a few. Lemon curd is a good one to learn how to make. 

Soap - there are lots of these kits available on Amazon. And I'm sure the children would like to help out too.



Lavender drawer smellies - very simple to create and picking the prettiest material to use is quite exciting. Add laces or ribbons on them too.



Secret santa

This is quite a simple idea, for the adults within your family or with a group of friends, suggest a secret santa instead this year. You can even set a budget for everyone to stick too, and maybe even a theme to buy. 


Making gift vouchers 

This is my best idea for Christmas presents for a long time now. You can offer people something else others can't, a voucher made and printed by you. The voucher is offering your time and they can cash it in anytime:


Babysitting - specify for how long you can offer to look after their children while they go and enjoy some free time. 


A day out - offer to take the receiver out for a day, arrange to pick them up, go to a special place, maybe some lunch or a museum and the day is on you. 


Cooking dinner - this voucher can specify anything from making them breakfast in bed, to a 3 course meal of their choice. 


Do you feel pressured into overspending at Christmas? 


J x


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Seriah Sargenton
3 years ago

I needed to read this because I feel like every holiday season I fall into the trap of spending too much money.

3 years ago

We are all guilty of it, because its very easy to do. Too commercialised and too much pressure. I've been very honest with my family this year, I'm not going to upset myself by overspending.

Pastor Natalie
3 years ago

This is such a wonderful and practical sincere post. We have to be honest about what we can afford when considering getting gifts. It’s important not to lose why we celebrate and not make it all about obligations to do for others. Thank you for sharing the practical side of gift giving this Christmas.

Pastor Natalie

3 years ago

Thank you so much for your comments. It's all from my heart and I'm glad thats come across

Fransic verso
2 years ago

Christmas cards is good idea and it will mean something to send a message to someone you love.

Mummy conquering anxiety
2 years ago

Thank you for this reminder. There is so much expectation and pressure around Christmas and this year will be hard for everyone.

2 years ago

You're welcome and thank you reading