Making time for You this Christmas

Published on 1 December 2021 at 12:51


Studies have shown that stress on your body during the Christmas holidays can be matched to that of running a marathon. Worrying about what to get or where to get it from can be highly overwhelming, but what about taking time for you, to at least recuperate anyway. Here are just some simple ideas to make sure you are looking after number one:


No phone usage 

I know what it's like, the children are in bed and you're thinking now is a good time to search the net on your phone for presents. DON'T do it. I'll tell you why… when you don't have any ideas or think you've got a spare 20 minutes, that is quite possibly the worst time to search, before you know it, you've lost two hours and spent way over budget on everyone. It's all too easy to get lost in hours searching for presents on your phone. Instead, in the evenings take that time to chill and watch the Christmasy TV programs or that film you've been wanting to see all year.  How long could you actually go without the use of your mobile?



Go for a walk

We all know going for a brisk walk is good for us and in case you didn't, here are only 3 off the long list of benefits:


  • Improves circulation 
  • Builds stamina 
  • It's good for your cardiovascular system 


I find it's best to just get out for a bit and escape the four walls, and what better way than to take in the beauty of my local park at the same time?


Photo from Unsplash


Keep calm

Believe in that motto. Remember to breathe if heat or arguments are lurking, there really is no good in letting Christmas ruin a bond between friends or causing upset between the family. Try removing yourself before something is regretted. It's just one day and it isn't that big of a deal. Relax by taking deep breaths, allowing your body to stop producing the stress hormone. 



Music is my personal escape, and dancing around the living room reminds me of good times. Just let yourself go and sing out loudly too. You will feel energised and free. 



Some like to bake and some like to colour, everyone has that activity to either reduce stress or pass time. Find your thing and do more of it during this festive time. Maybe a puzzle is what helps you or playing board games with the children, anything that occupies your mind or more importantly decompresses you.



If only at least one of these can help you stop overthinking the Christmas period and make time for yourself, then you’re halfway there. 


Tomorrows instalment: don't fall into the trap of bankrupting yourself 


J x

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Seriah Sargenton
3 years ago

These are great tips for showing up for yourself. I’d also add that practicing self-care is a good way to be there for yourself too.

Jeanine Byers
3 years ago

This is a good reminder because I was just stressing out a few minutes ago! Because I have anxiety, it's a daily thing to catch myself overreacting and then, calm myself. And I lose time every day online. Awesome post!

3 years ago

Lovely to hear thank you. I do exactly the same as you, worry lots but clearing my head and especially dancing alot in my lounge helps me get through

Transatlantic Notes
3 years ago

I will definitely be reducing my phone use this season; it takes way too much focus away from enjoying all the things around me. Thanks for all the other tips -- they are super useful and encouraging.

Molly |

3 years ago

Thank you Molly. Just wanted to share some tips on how I get through. Enjoy your mobile free season

Mind Beauty Simplicity
3 years ago

this post is such a great read and filled with great reminders to make time for ourselves this christmas. i will try to incorporate some of these in my routine this season.

3 years ago

Thank you for your kind comments.

Ashley Feldstein
3 years ago

Love these!
Bubble baths are my perfect escape and me time, during the holidays and all year honestly.

I throw something on YouTube, my phone goes on dnd, and I soak for at least 30 minutes.

And for the phone thing with the mindless scrolling, it helps to set limits (iPhone) and put your phone away once it goes into an auto dnd/focus mode. As a SMM, I can be horrid at putting my phone away 😂

3 years ago

Agreed, as much as the intention is there to put my phone on do not disturb I also have fomo. But... We know it really does have to done though

3 years ago

Going for a walk is such an important one for me. Sure, it can be hard to motivate in the cold but it always makes me feel so much better.

3 years ago

Agreed. It doesn't even have to be a brisk walk, sight seeing is wonderful, taking it all in.