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Published on 17 September 2021 at 10:01


As usual, a quick update on my social media side of things, I now have 421 followers on Twitter. It's all so overwhelming, the support has been amazing. I'm really happy with how things are proceeding in the right direction for the blog. I have lots lined up for the next couple of months including a big personal story release, a celebration of my blog-versary and a giveaway too.


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My word this week is: Irrespective. The dictionary meaning: not taking (something) into account, regardless. Using this word in a sentence:

We decided to go to the beach irrespective of the weather, or Irrespective of whether you like ice cream or not, you'll have to agree, it's one of the best ways to cool down on a hot day. 


My thoughts this week:


Between plumbers visiting the house four times in the last two weeks, getting back into the morning routines again and experiencing intense pressures at work, I'm feeling quite deflated and very low, it's like a kettle about to explode and the only way I deal with that is to let out a good cry. Two things that have got me through, hugs from loved ones and chocolate (no surprise there! ). I am lucky to have lots of people I can talk to, so venting works well for me. I want to continue to spread my love though, so if you too are having a bad week, here's a huge hug…. (ahhhhhh) and take a look at the link below if you need advice on how to deal with stress.


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Well not mine but my daughters, although I'm always sucked in by the questions she should really know the answers too. The homework is done online and as I'm not clued up in the IT department sometimes I just can't help her. It makes me feel quite useless. 


What sort of question is 'mum what is the original source of acrylic' or 'what are the factors of 26'. And then there's the amount that is set, it has risen by quite a lot this year, 5 pieces on her first two days alone. 


Now, I do love it when I can help and honestly that isn't much, an English piece. She had to write a creative 200 word essay. It was all her ideas but I was able to help her bullet point everything she wanted to say and then put it all into sentences. Wahoo I gained massive loving-mummy points there. 


Is it wrong that when she explains on some subjects what she has to do, I get out my pen and paper and just get totally carried away? Daughter is looking at me thinking 'mum I have to do this not you'. She had to create a mood board the other day…. Yep I created one myself that evening too.



Try harder

In the sense of making more effort with friends. I tried to implement this while the whole world was on lock down, people were not posting as much on Facebook, others just hid away and most were busy keeping the children occupied. So we didn't get that insight into how our friends were really doing at the time. But now, we can meet up and go for days out. 


However, I still feel like the effort could happen a bit more frequently. As in a small one liner message from time to time asking 'how are you?' It just makes the smallest difference. I know that when I receive that message from a friend, it's heartwarming to know that that particular person is thinking of me. 


Abit late to the party

I know these box sets have been out for a long time but I have just had to share how amazing they were:


This is us (Netflix) - couldn't stop watching it! Funny, heart warming and emotional. I believe a final season 6 is due to be released and I'm eager to sit and binge that soon. 


Manifest (prime) - just started this and already I'm hooked. Really pulls you in and we're always left wanting more at the end of every episode. 


Q: Anyone else noticed the very quick change in darker mornings now? Do you enjoy the autumn/winter months?


J x

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