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Published on 29 August 2021 at 11:31

Let's start off with some social media updates as usual, I currently have 163 followers on Twitter and I'm lining up my first guest post. Please follow me on @itsajeanettething if you haven't already. 

I am looking into signing up for affiliate programs too, this is something I would advertise on my blogs and if a reader purchases something through my link I would get a small amount paid to me. 



I'm not going to say I have an exciting wondrous life but I do like to keep in touch with social media and gossip, I keep my ears to the ground and am always writing down new ideas for blogs. So, with work, a little social life, family and friends and my daughter's social life, I get inspired very quickly by everything. I am still enjoying doing this and I feel there is so much more to come.  


My word this week is: sumptuous. Dictionary meaning; extremely costly, lavish, magnificent. Eg a sumptuous residence. Expensive. Eg this is a sumptuous dessert. What was your last sumptuous Meal? 


My thoughts this week:

Is it just me, but I am absolutely shocked as to how quickly this year has gone by. It's nearly time for the children to go back to school, it's 17 weeks until Christmas and I don't even remember having a March. Have we even had a summer? Us adults tend to be so busy planning our year away, looking forward to the next event and making sure we're on top of birthdays and Christmas etc. Before we know it, hours turn to days turning to weeks then a whole month has flown by. 


Covid Scare

I am hearing more and more now about the spread of this virus which is affecting the people closest to me. Most testing positive with no symptoms, having taken 4 tests this week alone myself after coming down with a heavy cold affecting my chest, it's been quite a worrying week. My lateral flow tests have all been negative but on the safe side I have ordered a pcr one from the NHS site.


Our numbers are rising not lowering and we all know this, but it isn't going away any time soon.  With boosters now time for renewal and Winter just around the corner scare stories are doing just that, making the world a frenzied nightmare again, I hear panic buying is back again and that this week restaurant chains are not receiving their supplies either, who ever would have thought this is the world we now live in?


Masks (a vent)

What is with people not wearing masks on public transport? I thought you had too? I look at the buses and there are passengers sitting with no mask on, I heard that on main line trains people are not bothering either! And this one shocked me...the London underground!  In shops the choice is yours, you can or you don't have to but public transport is a different subject. Personally this is obviously down to policing it, there is not enough staff to do this, once one person has got away with it the rest will follow.


Hungry kids

Or shall I say bored kids. Just finishing up breakfast and already asking 'what's for lunch', or raiding the cupboards at 7pm an hour after dinner AND dessert. I sometimes feel like I'm doing something wrong. She should be eating a balanced portion in meals and we just don't do that. Or is it a growth spurt maybe? Wanting more and more and can't satisfy that craving. But 9 times out of 10 I believe it's boredom, what do you think?


Final Word

It's bank holiday weekend, I hope yours is stress free, bright and full of excitement. Fingers crossed for a bit of that sunshine and laughter. I will be doing a bit of retail therapy and definitely relaxation to top it off. What are your plans? 


J x

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3 years ago

Sumptuous is a fab word! And my kids always start looking for something to eat when they are bored! I do it too sometimes.

3 years ago

Hi Stacey, being honest I do too, have they learnt from us? Or is it really something that is in everyone's nature. Thank you for commenting

3 years ago

Hey, I love that word I'll start using that in my household. Yes, my son is the same I'm always wondering if I feed him enough too he's just constantly raiding my cupboards lol. This year has flown by, I cant believe its going to be Christmas soon. Thanks for posting, everything you said is exactly what I'm feeling lol ♥

3 years ago

And thank you for comments Julia. Very kind words. I'm glad you feel the same x