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Published on 10 July 2021 at 11:55

Exciting news 


Starting the week off on a positive note, I have had over 250 visits to my site since I started in April this year and I am still so elated by all your support. 


Family reunion


Recently my family were reunited with some other members who we had lost contact with and it had been about 11 years since we last saw them. I can honestly say that it felt like we had not been away from each other for more than a day. We had a lovely time catching up on lost time and it means alot to have extended family back in our lives.


Time flies so quickly and small things like this really do make a difference. When others have an attitude of 'not bothering' it's a silly reason to go on in life like that. It starts with a simple dial of a number or a tap at a door, and you go from there. Reunions can have positive and cathartic effects, that is to say with the passage of time whatever the reasons were for lack of contact, it no longer seems that big of an issue.


My word this week is: prosperity. Dictionary meaning; is a condition in which a person or community is doing well financially. I wish this upon all my readers x


School summer holidays are looming 

How are you feeling about this? 6 weeks of the cherubs asking why they can't eat chocolate at 8.45am and having to listen to the constant 'im bored' words every minute of the day.

While most are enjoying the freedom on the roads in the mornings, others back home are on the go from morning to night trying their best to keep the house in a reasonable state and planning on which day would be best to do the food shopping with everyone in tow. 


I wish you all good luck in your endeavours and you've got this! 


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Final word: ENGLAND! Good luck to our team tomorrow 

And please remember to take a look around my site at other posts in the tabs. Every post I share with you encourages interaction and is always welcomed. 


J x

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Sal Gaze
3 years ago

6 weeks of NO school, 😬 I think it should be 3 weeks to make up the time they’ve had off! Just my opinion!