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Published on 14 May 2021 at 12:43

I'm starting off with a rather personal vent this week, just how awful is the bullying for our children today? When I was at school it was a week maximum and then the bullies moved on through boredom. Right now, spitefulness that started in September at school is still going strong now with no let up in sight. This has got me thinking and wanting to talk about bullying so much, I will be writing a blog on this, so please keep checking for updates.


In other news I am doing well on Twitter, with a couple of retweets and gaining more followers each day. I have joined a couple of blogger communities and they are all so helpful. My post on Facebook this week on bullying also got a large number of reposts and I am truly feeling the love. To follow me on Twitter use @ItsAJeanetteTh1


The word this week is Repugnant. Its meaning: extremely distasteful, unacceptable. I thought this word was a good fit for how I feel this week towards bullying and the bullies in general. 

Weekly thoughts: Is it just me or is May feeling a little sluggish so far? Certainly not helped by the weather but it does feel rather slow and somber.  But let's try to remain positive, there will always be stress, we all have them (because C’est La Vie) keep checking in on those who you may think are doing fine but might not be.  And keep smiling. Things like this help, this is my daughter acting a scene from Friends.  She had me in absolute stitches.  I just had to share.


One of the best apps I have downloaded recently is the Costa app.  I should have had this from the start but I am glad I have it now. Collecting points every time you spend is great and offers are available to view any time.  Collecting enough points will give you a free coffee. It feels personal too with your name added on the receipts when ordering from your phone to pick your coffee up from in store. I have to say a big Happy 50th Birthday to Costa x


I had my second covid-19 jab this week. What have been your worst side effects? Fortunately I have not been as bad as I have heard from others. The nurse told me to drink plenty of water and to take paracetamol to help with any side effects.  I do however feel slightly anxious when hearing that astrazeneca is linked to rare blood clots. I have been advised by the nurse that symptoms for the blood clot would appear after the first vaccination, and this is why it is now not given to those in their 30s.


And finally, I thought I would round off with a congratulations to Dua Lipa who collectively picked up 5 Brit Awards this week.  I am a great fan and me and my daughter can often be found singing our hearts out to her songs in the car.  She also mentioned in her speech a ‘pay rise for the nhs staff’ which I could not back enough!  What an amazing lady she is.


Who was the last group/solo artist you saw in concert?


Thank you J xx

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Sal Gaze
3 years ago

I think the last tribute solo artist we saw was Whitney Houston 😁