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Published on 7 May 2021 at 14:42

I have to start this week's blog with explaining my happiness right now.  I had a notification on Tuesday that there were over 100 visitors to my sight.  I am absolutely over the moon with excitement and I feel so honoured. That's 100 visitors in 10 days since going live, incredible! Also, a great reason to finally open my baby bottle of prosecco. A lot of people are still telling me they are really enjoying reading the blogs and how good the sight is.  I do still urge you to notify me if there is anything you would like me to write about or research for you, I am open to suggestions.


The word this week I am intrigued by is Popularly.  Saying it, has proven to be a bit of a tongue twister for me though.  Can you say it? Quickly?  Dictionary meaning: used by the people as a whole, generally, wide. For the general masses of the people.


Two examples of using the word:

Cats are popularly known for having nine lives.

Vitamin C is popularly believed to relieve colds.

Weekly Thoughts: it was our bank holiday Monday this week, and when experiencing a heavy downpour of rain, you pop to the pub, right? Except at the moment we can not sit inside the pubs. Yep, I witnessed quite a few groups of people sitting under umbrellas drinking cold drinks while the rain was bouncing off the ground. All for the sake of owning that you're allowed back to the pubs.


It was like it was a scene from a movie, us Brits will do anything for a beer. Protesting against the weather. The picture below is in Devon (courtesy of daily mail).


Question : what have you done that would seem strange to others, in the rain? 


I am on Twitter now and enjoying the bloggers community on there. I do post some piccies on there too, if you wish to follow find me under @ItsAJeanetteTh1 



Who's looking forward to visiting cinemas again? 


I am still waiting for an opportunity to see Top Gun 2. Its release date keeps getting pushed back. Bring on November! 


Thank you J x

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