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Published on 30 April 2021 at 18:10

I wanted to start off by saying a big thank you to those who have read and engaged with my blogs so far. I have had a really warm flurry from people informing me they are liking what they read. So please keep sharing and keep following, I am excited about some of the ideas I want to blog about and have a lot of things in the pipeline.


Ok, so an explanation about this page.  It will become a weekly catch up, gossip and my thoughts of the week. I encourage you to comment and engage (as usual) so we can be ourselves. This would mean so much to me.


A word I am in love with this week is: Diversify.  It's mainly because I really like saying it, say it with me ...Diversify...ah it just rolls nicely off the tongue.  Dictionary meaning: to make diverse or give variety, to make something less uniform.  


There was a website created back in 1994 called ‘A Word A Day’, it sounds like a great challenge.  Research has shown that as we grow older we actually lose some of our vocabulary learnt in early years, and I have to admit this feels very true. There are some days I just can not form a sentence.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.


Weekly thoughts: Getting out of the door on time in the mornings still needs a lot of work.  A rocket needs to be invented to get my daughter moving.  The pace of a glacier is quicker than she is currently. I drew up a time schedule a few months ago, at this time this needs to be done etc, but I think it needs to be implemented with heavy fines now.


A turn in the weather has definitely not gone down well with me.  After a weekend where cruising around in the convertible and catching the sun was enjoyable, (see my Twitter page) to now wearing a raincoat, could not be more different.  

Intriguing question: What is everyones favourite Season?

And my week was turned around with a good catch up and a coffee with a friend, outside of course.


And finally, just re-reading the exit strategy to restrictions being lifted, our next date to watch is 17th May, when hopefully, figures permitting, we can enjoy a meal in our favourite restaurants again. In a group of up to 6 or only two households.


Are you excited? Or not feeling bothered?


Thank you J  x

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3 years ago

What can I say! Hesitating the 17th of may like it’s my birthday.

3 years ago

My favourite season is summer, without any shadow of doubt. It’s great for the soul, gives a natural vitamin D and brings a smile to my face...and a little bit of a tan too
Regarding the lift in restrictions...I’m on the fence and will wait for the serge of people to die down before I jump on the bandwagon