Films my boyfriend likes (but shouldn't)

Published on 3 May 2024 at 15:40


When my partner and I met 10 years ago, he suggested watching a film together, a cosy night in with popcorn and some wine. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a man would pick Dirty Dancing as that particular film, to watch that evening. 


74% of women are more likely, than men, to say they like rom-coms.


But there is just something about the emotion and romance that pulls an audience in. Sometimes thrown in with humor and you've got the perfect combination for a classic. 


So here are just a handful of those films he loves:-


Grease - 1978

Because who wouldn't want to be Danny Zuko? He had the looks, the dance moves and sophistication. And all the ladies wanted to be his. He was the epitome of cool. A feel good movie that can be watched over and over.  Great music and relatable characters, all wrapped up in a love story.


Dirty Dancing - 1987

My boyfriend explains that his adoration for the Johny Castle swagger and his persona, as a character, is easy when you understand what he is all about.  His heart is in the right place. As the film goes on, we learn so much about Johny’s past history, all of which he is paying for now but has lost his ways.


The soundtrack is purely spectacular and the storyline between the two main characters, although controversial, is the sort of romance you could only dream about experiencing.



The Princess Bride - 1987

He loves this film for the humor, for being slightly silly and the unforgettable phrases such as  ‘inconceivable’ and ‘Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die’. 


Billy Crystal steals every scene he is in. Given the opening scenes with Peter Falk, as a grandfather reading a bedtime story, you are not expecting the unbridled joy that unfolds. He can watch this film time and time again.



Pretty Woman - 1990

My partner says 'every woman wants a knight in shining armour'. Someone to sweep them off their feet, shower them in gifts and experience a different world, a good world. This film has got it all, comedy, romance, chivalry and controversial matters. It has a perfect fairytale ending


Mannequin - 1987

A rom com at the heart, a typical boy meets girl. Hilarious when outwitting a security guard and the film is about finding new friends. Uplifting with a happy ending. Kim Cattrall as ‘the girl next door’. 



Ghost - 1990

Women like this film because it is a love story, men like it because even after being killed, the main character gets his revenge. This is Whoopi Goldberg at her best, hilarious and emotional, it is a classic. 


Singing In The Rain - 1952

A particular favourite of his, with great Actors at the height of their career. It is a masterpiece of cinematography, a real classic Hollywood movie. I particularly found this one hard to believe, as it's literally my favourite film too.



10 Things I Hate About U - 1999

Having read Taming of the Shrew, this film resembles similarities. For him it makes an easy watch with a happy ending. With a great cast and attempting to introduce the audience to Shakespeare. He believes this story is better than Romeo and Juliet. 


Thank you for reading this post, which may have astounded you as much as it did me.


Tell us about something your partner amazed you with, when you met.



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Transatlantic Notes
2 months ago

There are some really great films listed here, and it's great they are still being enjoyed. Your boyfriend has good taste!

Molly |

2 months ago

Haha I do have to agree with you here. Thanks so much for reading x

2 months ago

Great films 👍🏼

2 months ago

I agree too. Thank you for reading my post