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Published on 17 March 2024 at 11:14


Good day readers, I hope 2024 is treating you well so far? A little update so far on the blog, I have 1,318 followers on Twitter now (I refuse to bow down and call it  ‘X’ !), I have had a surprising visitor in Hawaii to the site and I have some new up and coming ideas that I can't wait to share with you. Post to follow shortly. 


My word of the week is Countenance. Meaning:-  Noun. A person's look or expression on the face. 


Time to crack on with my vent/views:


Change happens, do I have to deal with it?

I have perpetually said the words ‘I don't do change’ all of my adult life. More so in the past 10 years, I actually meant it. Change for me, makes me feel anxious, nervous and numb all at the same time. It doesn't even matter if it is a small change like, my washing powders’ new design, or big like, learning a new skill. I just don't like it. 


A huge change for me is happening at the moment at work, leading to more brain power, new routines, new faces and a fresh overview. Some are positive and some are tougher for me to compartmentalise. It has been stressful for me, however the help is there and I'm grabbing at it big time. 


Yes change happens and yes we have to deal with it, BUT in whichever way suits you best. Be it, taking one day at a time or seeking further support from others. You can do it! 


How do you manage your changes? 


Small and overpriced 

That Cadbury bar I loved to tuck into as a special treat, has risen in price but shrunk in size. That underarm deodorant that I have used all my life, has risen in price but shrunk in size. The packet of chocolate eggs that brought me joy at Easter, now has only four eggs in it but the price has shot up. And that packet of four bargain knickers I have been buying ever since I can remember, now have three pairs in and the price has risen. 


Is it time to shout ‘crisis’ yet?


Photo from Unsplash


Food and energy prices have risen since 2022 due to factors such The Pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Causing a ‘cost of living crisis’. Will prices ever go down? Companies are passing their squeeze on to us consumers by shrinking products expecting us not to see it. It is a domino effect. Until the bottom can produce on target, I will have to continue to be unhappy but get on with it. 


Have you noticed shrinkage on any of your products? 


25th birthday Brooklyn Beckham 

I read that Brooklyn had turned 25 this month. Who remembers when this magical moment happened?... 



I feel like I have seen this little baby grow up so fast.


Photo from Hello Mag


Now married and a successful model, Brooklyn has become self-sufficiently successful. According to Heat magazine he made £5million in 2022.


Photo from British Vogue


Would just like to wish him a Happy Belated Birthday. 


Folkestone, the new funky hangout?

According to a recently published article, Folkestone in Kent is the new ‘go to’ place to visit. It explained that having ‘not been so popular in past years with tourists, it's quickly taking over the likes of Brighton’. 


It boasted ‘a vibrant town with lots to do, a picturesque harbour and is full of history’. It has a viaduct, sandy beach and a creative quarter (brightly painted shops). You will also find the usual tourist stuff such as local sourced fish and chip shops, a Promenade and even palm trees.



Personally I have never been. When I read this about Folkestone it did actually perk my interest and as a result I have been asking around. 


Words such as ‘not really’, ‘boring’ and ‘industrial’ were heard from people who have visited.


So, if you do visit, please let us know but now I feel I am forced to visit myself and will gladly update this post of my findings. 


Time to read about what I have been getting up too: 


Watching: Harlan Coben’s - Fool Me Once 

Eating: Carvery roast dinners 

Spending: Stationary, especially watercolour paints

Wearing: wooly cardigans 

Perfume scent: Pacco Rabanne - Lady Million

Can't wait for:  A week off for Easter 


Thank you so much for reading. 


Luv J x

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Her Digital Coffee
25 days ago

Wonderful word of the week! I've definitely noticed lots of products shrinking in size, yet the prices continue to climb. Thank you for sharing, I hope you have a great week!

20 days ago

Thank you. I feel a right grievance with it all to be honest, and yet there is nothing that can be done about it. Thanks for reading

24 days ago

Lovely post! Change is scary by also so rewarding! Congrats on the new opportunity.

20 days ago

Thank you. Change does sometimes have it benefits, agreed. It is the initial thought that makes me anxious. Thank you so much reading

Caryl Ann Mason
24 days ago

This was an interest read! I hope you’re enjoying Fool Me Once. One of the best dramas I’ve seen in a long time x

20 days ago

Yes it kept me gripped and shocked at the end. I do love Harlan Coben.