My Fabulous Gifts at 40

Published on 19 October 2023 at 11:39


Well, I am now the big 4 0. And what an awesome birthday I had. I wanted to share with you some of the lovely gifts that I received. 


My birthday was on the 5th October, but I somehow managed to drag that out from September 29th to 8th October! And, I still have a present awaiting me in November.


I had been really anxious this year anticipating turning that big number for my age and I still don't want to announce it, if ever asked, how old I am. I think I will always be 39.


Wine Glasses & wine

My thoughtful daughter bought me this 40 champagne glass which is just perfect to use for my bottles of fizz. And I am a little fan of Snoopy, my parents bought me this gorgeous wine glass. I am a bit scared of using it though, I just don't want to tempt fate with it, I'm so clumsy I may break it.



My work colleagues gave me this bottle of fizz, they know me so well. And another bottle from a close friend too.




You can never have enough chocolate on your birthday. That's what I believe anyway. Walnut whips, a box of celebrations, Thorntons and dairy milk, were all gratefully received from friends and family.



Just look at my stunning necklace from my parents. It's so pretty I have worn this every day since my birthday. The pink stone represents Tourmaline, which is the gem for October. Along the same lines, my friend bought me this silver bracelet with pink gems also.




This blanket is so soft! I am excited to use it, especially for when those chilly evenings arrive. It's a rather lengthy size too, so I can really get snuggled up, all cosy. And no one else can use it because it has my age on it, hands off people.



Table and art supplies 

I have recently taken an interest in watercolour painting. I feel so lucky that I received all these gifts to help me along my way. This table will also help me. It can fit snugly into my sofa underneath when I'm using it and folds away easily afterwards.




I used to play the flute at school, I even passed my Grade One. For many years since, I have hinted that I would love to own my very own flute. And guess what…. My partner made it happen!

I was in complete shock at first, probably because I didn't think it was real and then the realisation set in, that this was now mine. 


Straight away I had to play it, but I just could not remember any notes. I worked out that it had been 25 years since I last played one. Luckily we had picked up a beginners book just to try to remind myself of the notes and afterwards it was like riding a bike, it all came back to me. I am setting aside 90 minutes a week to get through the book as much as I can. Overjoyed, could not even come close to how I feel about this particular present.



Travel bag

I think my Nan heard me when I suggested I needed a new travel bag. And she has hit the nail on the head here. With its lovely pattern on the outside and a lot of room inside, I can't wait to use it.



1983 Memorabilia 

I have always felt a little chuffed that 1983 was my birth year. I couldn't tell you why but for this year in particular, maybe because of me turning that big number, I finally have something to commemorate it. My parents bought this interesting 1983 frame. It has everything on it you need to know about what was going on in that year. Some facts I didn't know. I was also given this as a birthday card too. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.



Afternoon Tea

My work colleagues gave me a voucher for an afternoon tea for two at one of my favourite spots. I have always been invited to others' afternoon tea and also bought people vouchers too, now I have my very own. I am eager to get this booked asap. 


Russell Watson

My lovely Sister has given me the chance to go and see the opera singer Russell Watson. It's in November and I am so excited. He is visiting my home town and we've decided to make a girly night out for it. Me, my Mum, my Nan and Sister are all going. 


Two weekends away

First of all, was the weekend that had been planned by my Mum and Sister, before my birthday. I did not know anything about it whatsoever. I was told what to pack and where to be on Friday, at a certain time. Unfortunately, I could not get too excited about going away because my anxiety was through the roof and my nerves were high too. But it turned out I really didn't have a single thing to worry about. 


We went to Center Parcs and had the best time ever. The girls had packed a lot in for our two night stay and they really made me feel exceptionally special and so memorable. We did swimming, bowling, eating and crazy golf to name a few activities. A truly fantastic time was had by all.



My second weekend away was booked by my partner, for me, himself and my Daughter. We headed to Southend-on-sea for one night and the weather held out for us. It was one of the coastal parts I had never visited before, it actually felt like we weren't in the UK. Such a beautiful scenic seaside City. Our hotel was lovely too, we sat to enjoy a drink in the bar area as soon as we arrived, the room was quite spacious and the breakfast was adequate.



I know I have truly been spoiled this year and I feel so blessed to have thoughtful family and friends in my life. 


Thank you for reading as always. 


Have you celebrated a significant birthday this year? Tell us about your fabulous gifts below. 

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8 months ago

You really had some lovely gifts for your 40th! It's amazing that someone got you the flute, it must have brought back so many memories of when you used to play as a kid! x

Lucy |

6 months ago

Thank you so much, I was pretty spoilt yes. The flute was a big surprise and did in fact bring some really lovely memories. Looking forward to making more.

8 months ago

You got some lovely gifts! Happy 40th Birthday!

6 months ago

Thank you so much x