Easy to make Zingy Wedges

Published on 26 August 2023 at 16:43


Serves 4 - 6


Cooking time:

30 to 35 minutes


When you're planning a quick meal to cook, thoughts of 'will there be enough?' and 'how long is this going to take?' run through your mind, almost all the time. 


So below is your answer. These zingy wedges are delicious and tastier than any alternative. Great for meals, parties or just as a snack, in six easy steps. 



6 baking potatoes 

1 TSP (teaspoon) Cajun spice

1 TSP (teaspoon) chilli powder

4 TSP (teaspoon) smoked paprika

Big pinch of black pepper 

Pinch of salt

2 tbsp olive oil

Square baking tray

Greaseproof paper



 How to create your wedges:


Step one:-

Start by cutting each potato in half. Then further cut each half, into 1cm slices. Now is the best time to rinse the slices, to remove any excess starch.



Step two:-

Into a suitable bowl, place all the spices, pepper and the salt. Add the slices and olive oil.



Step three:-

Using your hands, mix all the slices around until they're covered evenly, you can use a spoon if you want, to avoid getting messy.


Step four:-

Place the suitably sized greaseproof paper on your baking sheet, this is important otherwise the wedges will stick. Spread wedges evenly on the sheet, don't worry if some are piled up.



Step five:-

Place in the oven at 180°c (fan) for 15 minutes. After this time, remove from the oven and give the wedges a good shuffle to ensure even cooking. Put back in for a further 15 minutes.


Step six:-

To know if your zingy wedges are cooked properly, I always remove one special wedge and cut it in half, if it is nice and soft they're all done. If it feels a little hard, try a further 5 minutes back in the oven. 


Et voila! Your Zingy Wedges are ready to eat. Mine are usually served on the side with a pizza, or you can enjoy them as a main.



What will you serve yours with?

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Recipe land
10 months ago

Thanks for sharing

9 months ago

No problem, I quite enjoyed putting this post together

Andrea Hunt
10 months ago

Those look delicious! I love that these are baked and not fried they look healthy and super yummy with a great side dip. Thanks for sharing!

9 months ago

You can have a spicy dip or a nice fresh dip, lots can go with these homemade wedges, thank you for reading Andrea

Transatlantic Notes
10 months ago

I love potato in any form (probably a bit too much) and having wedges is on of my favourites. These spiced and zingy ones sound absolutely amazing; I will be giving them a try. Yum!

Molly | transatlanticnotes.com

9 months ago

Definitely give them a try, simple steps to follow too. Thanks for commenting Molly x