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Published on 25 March 2023 at 20:43


Welcome to another word of the week, the small part of my blog where I can open up, be free and vent, sometimes. 


I have decided this time not to share my updates on how far the blog has come as I am celebrating my two blog-versary next month and I'll share some of that info in a very special post. So keep a lookout. 


The word of the week


I have gone for the word: Rueful. 

Dictionary Meaning: expressing regret or sorrow, showing that you are sorry about something. 


Time out

This month has not started with the positivity that I needed. A Lot of personal stuff is going on, including my poorly Dad being in hospital. I have had some work issues recently too and unfortunately it led to me being signed off for a few weeks by my doctor, I needed some time out to have time for myself. I was overwhelmed by so much going on all at once. My anxiety is through the roof which isn't good for myself or my daughter, who is my priority. 


Having this period of 'me' time has meant I can relax a bit, do things that I want to do and also not to stress about the small things. Putting yourself first and repairing you, is good for your body and brain, removing yourself from a trigger to breathe just for a small moment.


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Striking - everywhere 

You might have heard by now that workers at the UKPA (United Kingdom Passport Agency) are going on strike for five weeks! One thing I say a lot in my life is 'typical' just when I need to renew my own passport and send off for my daughter's very first passport, workers aren't going to be there. They've just put the pricing up last month and now they want five weeks off?! I'm so annoyed. 


Another of the strike actions that affected me was the teachers in the past few weeks. My daughters school was closed for a total of 4 days overall while they went on strike, I just can't see them getting anywhere. I could be wrong but if they don't get what it is they're asking for then it was a total waste of time and unnecessary time off for all the pupils. 


Striking going on everywhere! It was our nurses and train drivers, followed by paramedics and postal workers and now I read that the taxi drivers are due a strike soon. I just don't understand why this is going on? Yes finances are stretched due to high inflation but I disagree with strikes affecting those who are carrying on working regardless of low pay and high bills to pay. I would love to hear your views on this subject in the comments below. 


Are you a part of a union? Have you gone on strike before? Have you actually got anywhere with it?


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What I'm watching right now

My time out has allowed me to catch up on some programs and here are the ones I've been enjoying:


New Amsterdam - Sky Max

The Riches - Amazon Prime 

Clarksons  farm - Amazon Prime 

Sweet magnolias - Netflix 

Luther - BBC i-player 

The Bay - ITV x

You and Me - ITV x



Are you a believer in fate? Either in love, in life or even in destiny? I say I believe in it only at the time when things like bumping into someone I know and news comes out of that meeting, or if I leave earlier than planned on a road trip but something may have happened on the roads after I passed through. These are some great examples, but do we truly have our life mapped out for us? Is our path already chosen? Those strong believers would say fate might be a supernatural power. 


I do believe that things happen for a reason, that people come into my life for a reason or that a job is offered and accepted for a reason. Sometimes I work out what those 'reasons' are and sometimes I don't. 


Do you believe?


Thank you for reading as always. 


Love J x


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Fadima Mooneira
a year ago

When I was on a vacation in London, the Subway line when on strike. Keep strong babe.

a year ago

Yes our train drivers seem to be more regular in striking I have to admit, sorry you experienced that. And thank you so much for your kind words x

Lanae Bond
a year ago

I am sorry to hear about the problems you faced.

a year ago

Always feels better to get it out, venting or seeking an outlet in some way. Thanks for reading

a year ago

With fate, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, so I suppose I kind of believe in fate? Great post! x

Lucy |

a year ago

Yes that's how I feel! More erring towards believing in it. Thanks for commenting

Sal Gaze
a year ago

Firstly STRIKE is driving me mad! No need for it. But if everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon then can I as self employed go on strike . Couple days rest if nothing else!
I do believe in things happen for a reason but only when it’s good things, when very bad things happens sometimes there’s no reason why!
And OMG iv just finished watching Luther the whole series and film, I’m no to scared to have my feet out of the bed covers at night😳
If you’ve seen it you’ll know!

a year ago

Yessss! I know what you mean! Twas a great series that.

Agreed with your strike opinion here too, too many things already make this country come to a standstill, it doesn't need help.

Thanks so much for commenting as always xx