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Published on 18 December 2022 at 13:23


Welcome readers and supporters to another Word this week. For those who are new this is my special post I release that gives me a venting space of what is on my mind. It's usually topics of which my readers can find either debatable or agreeable. 


So, I will begin with my usual updates about my blog keeping you informed of my progress. I now have 1,159 followers on Twitter, I have just sent out my 11th newsletter to supporters and have received 1784 visitors to the site. I'm still truly grateful and also still enjoying creating posts for you so much. 


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My word this week…

Affluent. Dictionary meaning: having a great deal of money, wealthy or; flowing freely. For example, an affluent banker. 


Wrapping presents 

Uhhh, I hate it, presents you've put so much thought into buying but no thought about actually wrapping it. I sat and wrapped half of the Christmas presents I bought all in one go the other day, but I had to stop and pack away because I could not take one more minute of it, the rest can wait until I'm in a more patient mood. I guess there's the whole 'wrap them as you buy them' situation, but I don't buy the presents one day at a time, I'm a bulk buyer. And if I did, my wrapping paper, sellotape, scissors and ribbon etc would be constantly out, looking messy in one corner of the room for weeks on end. 


If anyone has hints or tips on wrapping a circular present that still looks presentable, please please share with me, argh!




Is it just me? When I receive updated emails from my daughter's school about any particular virus or illnesses that are doing the rounds, I instantly feel petrified and think it's a humongous deal and time off will be needed, or, 'uh oh, we could go back into lockdown?'. 


For example: Strep A is currently being spread throughout, had the email from the school to inform us, there were a few confirmed cases. Reading about the symptoms, I'm instinctively thinking well my daughter had a sore throat and high temperature last week… nooooo! 'If it really is spreading fast, could the whole school close again?'. 


I just don't remember anything like this coming to my attention when I was at school. I honestly feel like I'm continuously telling my daughter there's another virus or illness doing the rounds, to stay away from people and that I'm putting the fear of dread through her of being really unwell. 


The Contraceptive Pill



This has only just come to my attention recently, Superdrug apparently has an online service where you can order your pill and have it delivered to your home address. I've taken a snapshot of their prices as below. Would you be interested in doing this? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Personally, I'm a little skeptic, I know they mention that their medical team would review and assess but who are they? Without seeing someone in person, how do they know what is right for you? Like I mentioned I had only come across this information just by chance via a pop up advert. It's still sinking in. I think I would still go to my own GP before scrolling local shops!?



Carpe Diem

Recently I have been having a bit of a rough time at my day to day job, making me feel quite low and upset most days. But it's also done me a little favour too. This situation has given me the kick up the buttocks to open my eyes up to what lies beyond. I have sent my CV to some companies I had only dreamed of contacting in the past. Cease the day people, what's the worst that can happen? Just go for it. 


Look at my festive coffee cups I have been collecting… How cute are these?



Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year. Thank you all for your support, see you on the other side .


Love J x

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Transatlantic Notes
a year ago

I like the idea of focusing on words that have resonated throughout the week! I think I will have to give some thought to my own — so cool! I'm sorry to read your day job has been rather rough lately but it seems like you're being active about doing something about it. Good luck!
Molly |

a year ago

Thanks molly I appreciate it. Just trying to keep my chin up about the job. Thanks for commenting x

Ezioma Kalu
a year ago

Wow. This is a very enlightening post. I especially love your post about contraceptive. And why not? Let's cease the day.

a year ago

Thank you, it is still a topic I think I'd like to cover abit more, getting more facts etc. Thanks for reading

Sal Gaze
a year ago

Hi. Love the festive cups. Just you wait till valentines, spring,summer, Halloween!!! :)
Also wtf! Contraceptive ring!! And patch with out seeing a nurse! Urrrm I’m out on that one.

a year ago

I can't believe I had a coffee just yesterday and they were serving in a festive cup haha.
Just a new concept with the giving out of the Contraception, definitely more needs to be researched from my point of view