Simple comfort foods this Winter

Published on 6 December 2022 at 11:16


With the chilly winds and dull skies outside, we try to make the inside feel cosy and warm, for me nothing helps more than good hearty meals. Here are my particular favourites enjoyed whilst the heating is on and my fluffy slippers are worn: 


Pie and mash

I had to start with this easy meal, it is one of my favourites, however I am pretty boring, pie wise I eat either a chicken or beef pie and although I lack the skills to make it at home, I always choose a high quality pie, however you prefer the pie, adding the creamiest mash potato and seasonal vegetables on the side of it, is just simply put, a perfect cold day meal, oh and don't forget the gravy, lashings of gravy! 


Toad in the hole 

This meal to me screams 'winter has arrived'. Sausages in batter with baby potatoes and a carrot and swede mix on the side. Scrumptious Cumberland sausages are my favourite to use here and the Yorkshire pudding needs to rise well and look golden brown. Fresh eggs, good self raising flour and a teaspoon of horseradish sauce (trust me) are recommended for this batter mix though.



Lamb shanks 

Mashed potato, mint jelly sauce and some garden peas served on the side. An inexpensively hunger-busting meal. Lamb is usually thought of as a luxury meat but it doesn't have to be. The lamb shank is relatively good value for money.



Using your slow cooker:


Chicken and leek casserole 

Casseroles are obvious for slow cookers, but this meal is my definite go-to. This recipe combines earthy flavours of the leek and potatoes and the richness of the seasoned chicken. Making sure of course slices of fresh bread and butter are at the ready, to make sure there is not a single drop uneaten.



Beef stew and dumplings 

The stew of all stews, personally. The key to getting the best out of this one is to use a high quality beef steak and cook it low and slow for as long as you dare. The dumplings take only a few moments to prepare, round and firm in size, they add texture and density to this meal. 


Pea and Ham soup

Soup just sits in the belly warming us up from the inside out. This particular soup tastes delicious and is fairly easy to make too. When ham hock is involved you know it'll be very delicious. The creamiest the better.



I hope this has given you some lovely ideas to help with keeping warm and comfy during our winter months. 


What is your favourite meat? 


What drink is better suited with a hearty warm meal?

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Transatlantic Notes
2 years ago

I don't have a favourite meat as I'm vegetarian but my husband is a meat-eater and loves chicken. I introduced him to Yorkshire Puddings and also Toad in the Hole and he now loves that too; these are perfect comfort food ideas for this season! Molly |

a year ago

I'm in agreement with the love of Toad in the hole! Thank you for commenting

Emma T
2 years ago

I'm a sausage and mash girl, although that toad in the hole looks amazing. My OH won't eat sausages other than with mash, so we rarely get to have toad in the hole. He's weird given he likes yorkshire pudding. Interesting you use self raising flour though, we always use plain

a year ago

It's a good thing we're not all the same dinners would be boring.

2 years ago

These are perfect Winter comfort meals, I love the look of the chicken and leek casserole x

Lucy |

a year ago

Yes casseroles are simple and filling on a cold day

Sal Gaze
a year ago

Oh I just love food! Great idea. I’d love to see you add a meal or two to your blog once a month with the recipes!!!

a year ago

That is an interesting addition to my blog, thank you so much Sal x