My Cinema trips this year

Published on 13 November 2022 at 13:25


11 months have flown by, we all say this but I am truly shocked as to how quickly a month can just begin and end in a blink of an eye. But taking a look back, those months have bought me some awesome trips to the cinema to watch top Actors and sell out Titles to name a few. 


I thoroughly enjoy a cinema experience, with a drink, sweet popcorn and chocolate in my arms, heading to sit down in a comfy chair for the next couple of hours, it makes me feel happy. So let me list below the films I have watched so far in 2022:

The King's Man

I am really loving this film series, this origin story explains beautifully the mythology behind the previous two films. The production value given here is just as fantastic as before. And as usual the fight scenes just draw you right in with some classy comedic moments thrown in too. I don't want this franchise to ever end, I'm a big fan. 


Matrix Resurrections

Still as action-packed as the trilogy that came before it, Neo and Trinity are the main reason Resurrections is born. The pair start out in reality and do not know each other, but something draws them closer together. Keep an eye on characters who appear to be what they are not. I am pleased I saw this but would not rate it higher than the very first one. 


Nightmare Alley

I came out of the cinema screening after watching this film with a 'what did I just watch' question. I can honestly say this wasn't the best movie I had seen. It left me disappointed and also, psychologically played on my mind for a while after. I could not understand why they had us, the audience, liking the main character through everything he had achieved, to leave it where they did. Not Bradley Cooper's finest hour if you asked me. 


Death on the Nile

This was a good film, however I preferred its previous, Murder on the Orient Express. Originally written by Agatha Christie these films have twists and surprises galore, along with a cast of actors not normally seen together, I did find it was rather drawn out though and probably could have wrapped up sooner. The storyline though was intriguing when you dig deep into the characters' real mystery.




Oh my gosh I am such a Jared Leto fan! When I saw this film advertised I couldn't wait for it to be available. Although the storyline was a little obvious and some scenes were a tad uncomfortable to watch, it was an enjoyable film overall. 


The main character Michael Morbius has suffered all his life with a rare blood disease and after years of research, injects himself with his serum but experiences more than he bargained for. 


I have read that the film did not gross so well in US dollars at the box office, and for part of a Marvel franchise, they were expecting more. I liked it though but as an audience, we are now left wondering whether a sequel will be made? 


The unbearable weight of massive talent 

Absolutely hand on heart loved this film. Nicholas Cage portrays himself in this hilarious movie. Carnage unfolds and laughs are had in this action-comedy. A huge wealthy fan invites him to his villa but he finds himself becoming a double-act and trouble soon ensues. All is well at the end of the film and I would watch this movie again for sure.



Downton Abbey - a new era

Times have well and truly moved on swiftly for the Crawley family. I have been a huge fan right from the beginning of airing this wonderful franchise and I am still never disappointed. A new era indeed as we learn of the head of the family's past cropping up to shock us, the family take a surprising trip to France. The writing and characters are purely spot on and emotions are still running high in this film release, tissues at the ready for the end of this one.



Top Gun - Maverick 

A must see one on my list, this sequel was still as outstanding as the first. Some awesome filming, great action packed scenes and moments that had me gripping the arm of the chair. A lovely line up of cast members and a touching scene with co-star Val Kilmer all contributed to this classic. 'Maverick' just could not help himself again, to prove he is still the best pilot anyone has ever seen, while prepping a group of graduates for a special assignment. I loved it. 


Bullet train

This film was massively underrated, it wasn't overly hyped, it didn't grab headlines, but I truly think more should have gone to watch it for definite! Brad Pitt shows a humorous side that had me laughing from beginning to end. Action based filming, all on a train. The characters are great, some really drew us in to wanting more. Great film.



Ticket to paradise 

Actually took my daughter to watch this one. A nice warm family movie with a deep meaning - you don't know what you have until you lose it. George Clooney and Julia Roberts play an ex-married couple whose daughter needs them now more than ever, but when she sets up home in Bali, they try in their old ways to win her back and soon realise it isn't working. Tactics change and so do their feelings. It was a lovely film, I'm glad we saw it. 


I don't have any plans to see a movie in December as my Christmas plans are flying around in my diary already. But I'm looking forward to starting fresh in 2023, bring it on. 


Are you a cinema fan? 


Was there a film this year, at the cinema you regret watching? 

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Fadima Mooneira
2 years ago

Wow!!!!! These are all cool movies to watch. Glad that you are enjoying your trip to the cinema this year.

2 years ago

Thank you. It has been a great year for films indeed x

Melissa Baker
2 years ago

I think I’ve watched more movies this year than any other. My kids are now teens and love scary movies. They watch me and my reaction more than the movie.

2 years ago

Haha that made me laugh. I keep away from scary movies for this pure reason x