My Birthday gift haul

Published on 13 October 2022 at 16:15


I have just celebrated my 39th birthday. My special day started off with a hearty English fry up at my favourite local pub, a quick shopping trip followed by a coffee and free birthday cake at Costa coffee, then finishing off with a little tea spread with my family in the evening. 


This is a birthday gift haul of presents I received, I hope you enjoy reading it. 


Special cards 

I am still a big believer in cards and this year I got a special one from my daughter. It came in the post in a box with a chocolate bar too, I was pleasantly surprised.




Speaking of chocolate, just in case you didn't know, I'm a big fan! Thankfully my friends and family know my love of chocolate. Just look at my goodies this year, this makes me so happy.




This cute pink necklace came in a box labelled with my birth month on it. It says October brings serenity, compassion and trust. A lovely token gift.




I only like white wine and I received two bottles of it, how lucky am I? They will both be saved for a warm cosy Friday night in front of the TV very soon. 


Snoopy travel bag

I have a little love for Snoopy and I do see some really lovely stuff around sometimes. I received this gorgeous travel bag, with a hanger on it too, now I just need somewhere to go for the night.



Bath stuff

I do love my bubble baths, I make them cosy and warm with candles surrounding me, it's me time usually on a Friday night. I received lots of lovely smelling bath soaks, from Radox to Dove. I can't wait.




I am always complaining I never have anything to wear for work, well now I have these two tops. I've tried them on and they're a perfect fit, one is from F & F at Tesco and the other is from George at Asda.




I also received £50 in cash for my birthday, I can't wait to go on a little shopping trip to spend it. I'm thinking of some new work shoes to go with my new tops and perhaps an Autumn jacket.



What is the best thing about your birthday? 


Does your family have any birthday traditions?

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2 years ago

These are great ideas, thanks so much for sharing!