8 Things I love to do in the Summer

Published on 18 June 2022 at 17:14


Summer is classed officially from 21st June to 23 September here in the UK. Three whole months of the warmest weather, the longest school holidays and the busiest time for tourist hot-spots. 


I have listed below my favourite things I love to do in those Summer months. Some are fun filled activities and some are simply relaxing hobbies of mine, I hope you enjoy reading this post. 



A quick bite to eat in the middle of a busy day out or a whole afternoon just chilling on a blanket with a view, picnics for me define my summer. Even as a child I would look forward to our family picnic on days out, probably because it was the only time we were allowed to eat naughty snacks in whichever order we wanted to. 


I felt really grown up the day I bought my first picnic bag, with ice packs to keep food fresh and plastic cups. Then there was the thought of buying the food to fill it with, I was so lucky because I just bought the things I remembered from my childhood picnics, I have also made my own sandwiches and cooked the sausage rolls the night before, I absolutely loved it. 


So yes for me, picnics will always be one of my favourite summer things to do.



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Cold drinks 

That feeling when you're sitting in a pub garden sipping on a cool glass of lager. Just me? I think not. Surrounded with a friendly happy atmosphere because we can just sit and relax with the warm beam of sunshine upon us, it's not quite the same if we're all sitting in that pub garden with winter coats on and gloomy clouds overhead, freezing.


Another favourite summer cold drink of mine is an Iced latte. Whether it be in the afternoon enjoyed at home in my garden or the thing that starts our day off, ordered from a coffee shop. The feeling is the same, it's summer, it's warm and a hot drink just wouldn't quite make the same statement. 


No clothing restrictions 

I absolutely love leaving the house with no coat on, or remembering if I put my gloves back in the right pockets, or asking 'do I need an umbrella'. It's the freedom for me, a no restriction zone in the summer months. Driving the car with a full size winter coat on is a restriction, driving with my sunglasses on, windows open and music up high is the best feeling. Standing by the radiator trying to warm up when visiting my parents is a restriction, arriving being welcomed with an ice cream straight into their garden to relax is my freedom. 


I look forward every summer to wearing my denim shorts, floaty dresses and my Ted Baker sunglasses. And then there's the footwear. I loathe wearing socks with boots in the winter, I like to air my feet and show off my pedicure. I have more than a few pairs of beautiful pairs of sandals for casual wear.



Full day trips 

Day trips to anywhere, be it local, coastal or checking out somewhere different, I love them all. For us these happen mainly at the weekends, as a family we'd plan ahead, leave early in the morning and make a whole day of it. The excitement, anticipation and pure relaxation makes day trips out one of the best highlights for me in my entire year. Of course, you can go on day trips any time of the year but during the summer, good weather is guaranteed and it seems everyone else is in high spirits. Making for the best possibilities of an enthusiastic atmosphere everywhere. 


I do like to make the most of the summer months going out and about because I am not one to enjoy a hike or exploring new places in the wintery cold wrapped up in a huge coat and scarves. I feel more free and happy to enjoy activities in my shorts and sandals, as expressed above.



Eat salads

Yes I hear you, salads can be eaten all year round, but picture this, it's been a hot tiring day at work you've got home and now you can't face the heat of the oven in your stuffy kitchen either. But in your cool fridge are the ingredients to make a fresh salad that can be prepared in less than 8 minutes. And to top it off you enjoy it most sitting in the garden chilling out at your new outdoor table and chairs. 


I am not a healthy eater whatsoever! You don't need to ask me twice if I prefer to order a takeaway over cooking a meal for dinner. However, bring on the summer months when I would eat salads every single day if I could. 


Summer holidays 

For me, if I don't get away in the summer months for a holiday, what's the point in working all year round? I don't feel like the school holidays are a holiday unless you go away somewhere. We all need something to look forward to. This year we're off to Devon and I'm so excited. To have a holiday in my diary just makes me so happy. 


My daughter gets 6 weeks off from July to September and on my days off work we are always out and about doing something. It's simply the best feeling for me. Oh and I always say I have to visit at least one beach during the summer holidays and dip my toes in the sea or it hasn't been a summer, I know I'm picky aren't I? But that is what I love to do, it's all part of my summer rolled into one.



Photo from Pexels


Paddling Pool

I know the paddling pool is out for my daughter but while she's relaxing in it I sit there with my feet dipped in too. On a hot day I can't beat winding down with my feet in cold water and an ice lolly in my hand. It just makes my summers. The anticipation of getting it blown up and then filled up with water rolls over both of us, and more often than not my relaxation usually ends up in a water fight which my daughter starts of course. I have also been known to have sat in the paddling pool in the evening before bed, just to cool off. 


Visit the local water park

We are so lucky to have a little water park near us, it's open only during the summer months but boy does it get busy. There are no slides or anything crazy there but the fact that the kids love running between all the sprinkler systems available puts a smile on my face. We try to visit as much as we can, it's a day out combined with fun and laughter guaranteed.



And that's the little things I look forward to in Summer. 


I hope you all have a gooden this year and I for one can not wait. 


Do you have a favourite summer time hobby? 


Do you have a favourite food that's only enjoyed for summer?

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Transatlantic Notes
2 years ago

I love eating summer salads and taking walks in my local botanical gardens; it's a beautiful time of year (just sometimes it way too hot, haha)! Thanks for sharing this!

Molly | transatlanticnotes.com

2 years ago

Thanks for commenting, yes agreed with the weather situation, I tend to stay out of it wherever I can haha

2 years ago

I do love dipping my feet into a paddling pool in the Summer, it definitely helps to keep me cool! These ae lovely reasons to love Summer x

Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

2 years ago

Ohh that cold feeling on my feet, it's lush! I'm glad I'm not the only one 😉

2 years ago

Ooh you've got some really great suggestions here! I've actually just broken up for my summer holiday and I'm really looking forward to the much needed break. I love going on day trips during the summer and cold drinks are always so refreshing! Thank you so much for sharing x

2 years ago

And thank you reading. I have heard that when you feel warm you're to drink a hot drink to cool you down, it just doesn't do it for me. A refreshing cold one always hits the spot 😁