Top 10 items I can't live without

Published on 1 May 2021 at 13:27

Welcome to my 10 items I just honestly could not live without. In no particular order I shall start:


1. So, this is really lame, but I could not live without my phone.  Told you.  The fact it holds all my contact’s numbers in one place, I think is awesome.  Yes yes there are phone books invented small enough to fit into your bag, but with the phone it's simply one tap and hey, your chatting to your contacts.  I have a brain like a sieve, I know my own number but I could not even hazard a guess at anyone else’s.  But not only this, now more than ever I rely on it for my blogging stuff, I put drafts on it and store ideas for future posts too. And don't get me started on all the photos stored on it.


  1. My music is with me everywhere I go.  In my car and at home, I love adding my own tunes to a playlist.  Songs that I used to listen to when I was younger, reminding me of my very first CDs I ever bought, and some songs that I listened to in clubs on nights out back in the days.  All in one convenient place, no matter what my mood, there's a tune to match, it's the little things.


  1. My car. It is a very important part of my independence, enabling me to deliver my daughter to school on time, get me to work & allows me to have days out. Don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of driving, a lot of things other road users do annoy the hell out of me, but having that freedom of movement is very reassuring. 

4. Chocolate! Goes without saying really , how could anyone not enjoy just a little of this pleasurable thing? I can eat chocolate day or night, it's the perfect pick me up. Yep I'm a chocoholic, pretty much any bar with caramel in it, is my ultimate favourite.


5.   Coffee. My daily guilty pleasure. The day might as well be a right off without a coffee to start my morning. I enjoy a coffee whilst having a day out or visiting friends, it's almost as important as chocolate.


6.   Nail varnish, all of it & everything to do with it!  My collection is very important to me. I have a lot! Every colour you can think of and then every shade of that colour too, i'm obsessed. Oh and you can add multiple coloured glitters as well, I just love doing nail art and creating very cute and popular designs.



  1.   My bed. Sleep, snuggles, relaxing & inspired thoughts all happen here. I have a king size bed and it's been so good to me. I have moved so many times I've lost count and it's survived every one. I love my sleep, I am that girl who requires her 8 hours. That feel of comfort when I sink into freshly washed sheets (just don't mention the duvet - see my Top Somethings page) and the biggest smile appears on my face every time. 


  1.   Gossip. I'm a socially curious person & love knowing all goings on in my friends lives, I am not a judgemental person, I am never wanting to hear bad things. I just want a good chin wag about everything. 


  1.   Netflix. Oh my gosh! Possibly the greatest invention of the 2000's yet, there's something for every mood & taste, rainy afternoon, rom-coms or binge worthy dramas, it's got it covered. Rewatching old box sets and discovering the newest releases everyone is talking about. You can create your own ‘watch list’ and there are recommendations for you too.


  1.   My diary. I have a saying ‘if it's not in my diary, it's not happening’. I write everything in my diary from putting the bins out to birthdays, from paydays to anniversaries. At the end of one year I really enjoy looking back while putting important dates into my new year diary.  Days out and appointments go in it too. 


What is the one item you couldn't live without?

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Becky Harper
3 years ago

Fantastic top 10 hun. I think mine would be similar loveing your blogs

3 years ago

Oh my gosh, I love this list! I’m pretty much exactly the same but I think I would swap Netflix for Disney plus now. I love my morning coffee. I especially like to dunk a line of dairy milk in my coffee 🤭 I can’t believe how many nail varnish’s you have!!

3 years ago

Thank you Lisa, I am extremely proud of my nail polish collection but could not count them haha. I have not experienced Disney plus myself but now that you mention it I must check it out. Thanks for your comments fellow coffee lovers x

TheQuietGirl (Anissa)
3 years ago

I can't live without music either, chocolate and definitely my bed. All of these are comfort for me. Great list! xx