My Top 5 most hated chores

Published on 18 April 2021 at 14:18

Below is my list of household chores that just don't do it for me but they have to be done right? Running our households has it ups and downs and keeping on top of them feels like they need they're own schedule.



Ughhhh! I am sooo not a fan. School shirts have to be done every week and work trousers too. I hate it. Standing there for what seems like hours with no end in sight. And don't get me started on bed sheets!


Heave! Why would anyone enjoy this? I get it, it has to be done but I feel sick when I do it.  Seriously, the things that happen on the toilet are quite frankly not something I wanna get up close and personal with.


If I'm honest, I actually have a weird thing about toilets anyway. I always have. Maybe that's the reason behind this dislike. You're going to ask me what weird thing now huh?  When I was younger I remember being scared of our downstairs loo. It was dark in there. The toilet never worked properly and it smelt too, not bad it just had a musty smell.  And even now I still don't like using downstairs toilets. 




Is it just me or am I the only one who literally fights with the duvet? You know, when you're trying to put on the duvet sheet and you grab one corner and then the other and try that trick by turning it inside out… oh hell, I'm doomed, I have given up before I even started. Oh and I have a king size duvet too!  I swea it's laughing at me just laying there all innocent and fluffy awaiting my fate in today's ‘game of laughs’.


Then there was my nemesis, ‘the high-sleeper’ in my daughters room, which was a brilliant idea at first, it created so much floor space and had a cute little desk stored underneath it too, but making the bed up high so close to the ceiling, was a day's work in itself. I hurt my toes so many times climbing in and out of that thing and I banged my head more times than I can remember.



I realise this would be so much easier if I had one of those beautiful, lightweight, cordless hoovers they advertise like everywhere now! But I don't, my heavy upright with attached hose that doesn't go that far, is not my favourite appliance in the house at all. Whilst completing your acrobatics award on the stairs might sound outstanding, it really isn't. My right hand is stretched out as far as it can, my left ankle holding onto the upright or it might take a tumble taking me with it too. My left hand holding onto the banister for dear life. Nope, not my idea of having a good time in that position, whatsoever.



I don't know where to start. No literally, I know I need to go but what am I supposed to buy again? So I make a list, stick to the list and all is well. What happens if you forget your list at home? You know that woman who is walking up and down the aisles about 4 times, that's me, I've probably forgotten my list. Also, that lady who has just nudged her shopping trolley into your heels, that's also me. Please don't block the aisle or walk too slowly, I can't bear it! Let's not forget the checkout 'Paula-Pronto', who throws your shopping through so fast, she must surely have whiplash. 

Then you're finally free in the open to go home and unpack the darn shopping! Anything worse than when you're unpacking you realise you've forgotten something….? I'll leave it there.


Am I alone in my thoughts here or do you agree?


What is your hated household chore?

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Becky Harper
3 years ago

So relatable. I have a tumble dryer now and i make sure i take the clothes out when they are still hot. No folding needed.
Hate changing the bed, i do, do the turn it inside out and do it that way but its such a chore. As for the high sleeper oh dear god! I would have to get the kids to do it haha

Sal Gaze
3 years ago

Shopping!! No parking space for scooters! before iv even started (1) Forgot to even write the list (2) Forgot the essentials,Milk,bread,teabags, (3) was hungry, brought crap, chocolate cakes biscuits, ate it before even got home!!!

Jessica Spooner
3 years ago

I hate shopping!!!
You go shopping pick the food up put it in the trolly to then go to the till and unpack the trolly onto the belt thing, Then pack the shopping all in bags and back in the trolly! Then go to the car unpack the shopping from the trolly into the car, Drive home and unpack the car into the house to then unpack all the bags into the cupboards/fridge/freezer!! Far to much effort, ughhhhh!! HATE IT!!!! hahaha.