Great kitchen gadgets you will use

Published on 22 February 2024 at 16:10


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I don't know about you? But I love gadgets, the quirkier the better. Anything that helps cut down preparation time and is Pragmatic, is a big bonus. And I also love it when I see a gadget for the kitchen that others may desire. 


In this post I have listed some top items available right now to purchase. 

Pot watchers - Dunelm - £3.00



Electronic tin opener - Temu - £6.97



Egg Separator - Amazon - £7.99



Milk frother with stencils - Amazon - £11.99



Heat resistant gloves - Amazon - £16.19



Friends utensil set - Temu - £6.74



Star Wars egg cups - Amazon - £12.95



Egg poacher with lid - Wayfair - £26.44



Dusting wand - Amazon - Amazon - £13.44



Bigger Gadgets


Bread maker - Lakeland - £119.99



Double pot Ice Cream maker - Lakeland - £39.99



Daewoo pancake and crepe maker - £22.99



Blender - Robert Dyas - £26.99



Thank you for reading. 


Do you enjoy cooking?


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Lanae Bond
5 months ago

I would love to try the ice-cream maker and blender.

5 months ago

They do look super cool don't they? A good name and great gadgets

Kelly Diane
5 months ago

My other half is probably going to hate the fact that I've read this post but I love gadgets for the kitchen. These are some great suggestions and I love how cute the pot watchers and egg separaters are.

5 months ago

Yes they are so cute! Saw them and had to have them haha