All Things nail art for Spring time

Published on 25 March 2022 at 17:01


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It has finally arrived, it is my favourite season of the year - spring, where the flowers are opening up, leaves are appearing on trees and darker nights are fading. Below I'm going to talk about all things that are in this Season for your nails. 


Let's start off with fake nails. Here are some of my recommendations available now:


Pink Matte Coffin Shape

From Amazon for £6.99.



Press on embellished nails

From Amazon for £7.99.



Elegant Touch - Almond shape 

From Superdrug for £6.49.  Champagne in colour, I think it is a nice unusual colour.



Colours that our fashionistas are using on the runway for the season are:


Atlantic Blue 

This nail polish is the closest I saw. It bought this in Boots for £1.49 originally £2.99. And introducing a new company I had not seen before either, Polished.



Orchid Flower

This nail polish called Fly was also available in Boots for £5.00. Another new name, My Mood I have not seen before, who are boasting vegan friendly too.



And of course I just had to buy one of my favourites from Barry M, this one is called Plum Jam bought for £3.99.



Mango Sorbet



Here are some nail art ideas that are trending for Spring this year:


Big and Bold 

Bright bold colours are very eye-catching to everyone. These sorts of designs below have to be my favourites.



Rhinestone Embellishments 

Who doesn't love a bit of bling on their nails? I do love creating these designs.



Chrome Powder

This has been a craze for quite a while now and it is still with us, forever looking great on the nails and will be around for alot longer I think.




Unlike a traditional curved french manicure at the tip of the nail, a straight line is now this Season’s must have.



And that is my roundup for everything nail art heading into Spring 2022. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I look forward to seeing your nail art soon. 


If you could create a new name for a nail polish, what would you call it? Would it be a daring colour or a simple one?

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Fadima Mooneira
2 years ago

Wow… gorgeous nails for spring. Love the blue nail polish. Thank you for sharing.

2 years ago

Blue is my favourite colour anyway so I am pleased with this one too. I was more happy I found a new brand in Boots also.

Thanks for reading x

Molly | Transatlantic Notes
2 years ago

What lovely colours and designs -- I have to update the nail polish I have so this was great to see what is trendy right now!

2 years ago

I do love to keep in the know of new seasonal colours too, enjoy nail varnish shopping molly

2 years ago

These are so fun! I love the champagne color as well as the pinky ones. I tend to go for a sort of brown champagne color or deep reds - when I rarely do my nails. I only go bold on my toes. Color lasts so much longer on my toes than my fingers. I wish I had it in me to do something dazzling on my hands. I do like that in other people though. Very nice and it does make me think of spring. Fresh and fun!

2 years ago

Yes you're right fun is key with your nails, so many dazzling designs out there.
I am the opposite with my toes, normal colours for me but bright on my fingernails haha.

Sweety Joshi
2 years ago

Awesome recommendations! I like Pink Matte Coffin Shape the most.