Why Christmas Nail Art is important

Published on 20 December 2021 at 19:35


What is it? 

Nail art is found on either your fingernails or your toe nails. Nail art is a creative art piece usually done freehand, on the one piece of the body that is seen the most. I don't know about you but I am always slyly checking out what colour they're wearing and what detail is on their nails. Sometimes it's just for myself, to get some ideas and sometimes I know it's nice to have a comment on something you've just spent a lot of money on yourself.



Why is it important? 

Some people find getting manicures and pedicures are actually a stress reliever, especially being done at a Salon, that warm water around your feet or the hand massage with the manicure. Picking some beautiful nail art can make you feel good and can be an ego booster. Others may only have manicures before a special occasion. Whatever the reasons, it's definitely a mood lifter. 


Nail art is also a massive trend, there are always new ideas and fun ways to enhance your nails.  



Trending now - winter 2021

The usual colour for this time of the year is an icey blue, adding a nice crisp white snow theme on top. 


Fashionistas have spotted these colours on the catwalk this winter:


Cobalt blue, mocha, deep green and of course glitter


Chrome is still a firm favourite this season.



Wiggle nail art is easy to do yourself at home, as the brush can take you in any way over the nail. You can mix colours like this:



Here are the usual simple nail art designs I tend to wear for most of the Christmas period:



Attending your first manicure? 

If you are thinking about booking in for your very first nail appointment here are some tips on what to do and what to expect:


  1. Choose wisely. Personally I would rather go to a salon that has been trading for a long time over the newest glitzy salon just opened. Experience is much better when it comes to your manicure. 
  2. Ring and book in advance. The nail salons, especially this time of the year, will already have booked appointments from weeks ago. 
  3. Let your nails grow for a couple of weeks prior to your appointment. Good strong nails are easier to work with, the nail technician may need to cut and shape them but this is for symmetry reasons only. 
  4. Talk to your nail technician. Explain what it is you want and if possible have a picture to show them what you mean. 
  5. Try to relax. Whilst working on your nails to make them look perfect, the nail technician may slightly twist and pull your finger into a position which is best for them. Let them, do not clench or resist. 


If you wanted your favourite colour on your nails what would it be?

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Michelle Gast
2 years ago

I love doing my nails. That's some cute nail art, and I love the reindeer. I hope I have time to do my nails for Christmas! Thanks for sharing information on how to pick a good nail technician.

2 years ago

Yes nail art is really good fun. I will be doing mine today just in time for the big day ahead. Thank you for your comments.

Transatlantic Notes
2 years ago

I've not had my nail done professionally for decades but I'd love to go for some festive nail art -- what fun!

Molly | transatlanticnotes.com

2 years ago

Thank you for commenting molly, I hope I have given you some great ideas.