Tried & Tested cakes available now

Published on 17 December 2021 at 13:02


Over a few weeks I have picked up these delightful cakes available now, I had to write and share with you. 


I've got such a sweet tooth that cakes are one of my weaknesses so forgive me if you think I have overindulged.


After 8 French fancies 

They are exactly what they say on the box, the normal look of a French fancy and the minty taste of an After 8. They're just a perfect pick me up and the mint is not overpowering at all. I could have quite easily eaten all of them in one sitting, but I didn't, just four for one evening and the next four the following evening. A very pleasant mouthful indeed. I bought these from Tesco and I have seen them available in the Coop too.



Lemon cake from Co-op

Lemon cake can be a bit sharp sometimes and unfortunately this cake does have that sour taste coming through, I would say it is more in decorative topping on the cake, amongst the icing. But at the same time this is the yummiest part of the cake, for a sweet toothed lover like myself.  And as always the sponge for a coop cake is still as fresh and moist as expected.



Battenburg bars

These little delights have been a classic favourite of mine for a very long time now.  That joyous little sponge and cream wrapped in marzipan and dipped into chocolate, what is there not to like! Unfortunately I have found that only a handful of individual local shops sell these, they are not available in your major supermarket chains.  And also the price usually ranges between local shops too, from £0.99p to £1.99. If you find them, definitely buy them to give them a try….oh and save me one!



Kipling chocolate tarts

Yummy! Comes to mind first of all. A deep pie crust filled with soft dark chocolate. These chocolate tarts are yet another winner from Mr Kipling. I think only one would be enough though the chocolate is a little filling, but also perfect for a naughty snack.



What is your current favourite cake buy?

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