Coffee Q & A

Published on 19 November 2021 at 12:30


I thought I would start compiling some questions and answers relating to literally my favourite hot drink ever.  Strangely, it being the majority of my intake, I can't say I know alot about it, in terms of history or even facts.  So here goes:


In the UK, figures back in 2018 showed that we consumed between 70 and 90 million cups of coffee per year. Now, 3 years later and with more than 25,000 coffee shops available, I'm going to guess this number has risen tremendously.


57% of coffee is consumed mainly at breakfast time.  That might have something to do with the caffeine stimulating the start of our days.


Interesting fact, in Europe they used to call it Arabian Wine. 


Q: What is a cappuccino? 

A: this is made with espresso coffee and equal amounts of steamed milk and foam. 


Q: Is coffee bad for you? 

A: caffeine is found in coffee. This is a stimulant which can increase the blood pressure on the kidneys. However the positives outweigh the negative. It can help ward off cognitive decline and was found to reduce the risk of alzheimers.


Photo from Unsplash


Q: how many coffee plants are found in Brazil? 

A: there are nearly 4 billion coffee plants growing in Brazil right now. 


Did you know:


...that Japan has an official coffee day. It's on the 1st of October every year. 


Q: What Country drinks the most coffee?

A: Its Finland.  Per person, they consume more coffee than an American.


More fun facts soon, but do you know how many coffee beans the coffee bush can produce? 


A picture of how the coffee bean starts it's life

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Transatlantic Notes
3 years ago

I love coffee and enjoy having one (or two) each day. These facts were really interesting as I don't know enough about one of my favourite drinks!

Molly |

3 years ago

Hi molly, thank you for your comments. That's what I thought when putting this together, I was determined to find out more too 😁