8 Tools needed for nail art

Published on 25 July 2021 at 13:52

I have been doing nail art for 8 years now. My creativity and experience has grown so much and the tools to help out is something that is still growing now.  I feel it is one of those hobbies that once you start you can't stop.


Here are 8 essential tools that I recommend to help get you started:


1. Dotting pens.  There are different sizes on both ends to use, you can create a simple polka dot theme on the nail or go bigger to design flowers, dotting an illusion is great too.



2. Art brushes. You've probably sat there at the nail station while getting your nails done and thought 'why would you need something that looks like a paintbrush but it only has one strand on it? We nail artists call it the striper. Using it to create the finest of lines. The different size brushes help with lots of freehand nail art too. 

3. Stickers. There are simply loads of nail decals available in every pattern you can think of, some are sticky on the back and some are water transfers.


4. Glitter. Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?  Fine glitter, loose glitter, acrylic glitter and chunky glitter to name a few. You can get them in every colour too, I do have a little obsession in collecting these I must admit.


5. Striping tape. Tricky little reels of the smallest tape ever. But once you've created your design you'll be happy you own it. My tip for using these, is to gently press it against the back of your hand first, to lose some of  the stickiness, that way when you peel it off your design you won't take half of the base colour with it.


6. Diamontes.  I find these as satisfying as the glitter. You can never have enough, every colour and many sizes are available too. To use them, I lay down a little bit of top coat and place them on it, when the top coat dries they should stay in place. Others use a bit of nail glue to keep them in place. Everyone finds their own way of working.



  1. Stamping plates. These come with so many different patterns on them but look really great on the nail.  However, stamping is quite an art form, lots of practice is required and I have to admit one that I am still trying to master it now.  You will need the rubber stamper to go alongside the plates and be prepared to clean the plates every time you use them.

8. Practice Wheel.  This is a wheel of plastic nails that will come in handy for your practising.  It can also be used to showcase your colours maybe for gels.  Practice your nail art and if you’re not happy, you can simply use nail varnish remover to wipe clear.



I hope this helps and please ask any further questions below.  


What do you enjoy the most about getting your nails done?

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