My Top 5 Spring nail art

Published on 1 May 2021 at 13:01


Spring is upon us and it is also my favourite season!

So why not share with you my 5 nail art ideas, that at some point will be recreated over the next months on my nails.



Multicolour tips

Simple brighter colours and more than two. Like a pop of colours on a french manicure twist. Needed my steady hand ready for this one though.


Pretty butterfly designs

Add a little glitter to the decals or hand drawn butterflies. Small or large, hand free or decals, very cute.



Big flowery designs or lots of small ones. I used a dotting tool for one design and nail art brushes for two of the designs.


Abstract Design

You don't need to feel restricted on the design, let your nail bushes go wild. This design is going crazy on Instagram right now. I loved designing this one, the brushes and stickers were all out in one go.


Split Lines

Halving the nail into two. You can have all your favourite colours on at once.

I hope this has given you some ideas, let me know if you do go ahead and use them.


Do you stick to the same design? Or are you bold when it comes to nail are?

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Sal Gaze
3 years ago

Ohhh Jeannette, you’ve always done such beautiful nails, you book me in for the pink and silver ones!