Mylee Gel Remover Review

Published on 4 August 2023 at 18:55

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This review is for the Mylee gel remover. Boasting the simple removal of gel polish in just 6 minutes. I purchased this from Amazon for £9.99, it is also available to buy direct from the Mylee website for £10.00.



I use gel polish on my own nails probably once every three months, as constantly using it actually damages my nails so I let them breathe whenever I can. Removing the gel polish has always been such a chore, filing followed by sitting for an average of 10 minutes for each hand, wrapped in cotton pads with special remover liquid. So with Mylee's boast of a quicker and simpler way to remove gel, I was keen to check it out. 


Let's see how we get on. 


Step one: Filing 

I have had this gel on now for 3 weeks and it would usually take a good amount of filing and scraping to remove it.



Using a 180 grit file I buffed away at the top coat to expose the gel polish. 



Step two: apply remover 

It's time to apply the Mylee remover, I wasn't ready for how gloopy this stuff was, though it's easy enough to apply. 


Step three: waiting 

I started the stopwatch and waited for 6 minutes to allow the remover to do its thing. I was starting to worry as I couldn't see any lifting appear.



Step four: removal

Ok so, I have to admit here, whilst the gel felt softer using my cuticle pusher, it hadn't worked. Only 45% of the gel was coming off on each nail and most of it was still proving difficult to lift. I decided to file again and reapply the removal gel, this time applying it on thicker.


A Cuticle Pusher


It worked the second time around. While I had learnt a lesson, for my second hand I filed down harder and applied the gel more thicker, this seemed to do the trick. 


After care

This stage isn't necessary but it's something I feel is important, especially on my nails. Washing the excess gel and some dead skin away and then applying a generous coat of cuticle oil.



My thoughts

Taking into consideration the faff of cutting up a cotton pad and sitting with nail clips on for 10 minutes or more, this whole process with the removal gel has actually been quicker and far more simple (just as boasted). I will continue to use this process for as long as I can and I really think you should try this method.


*The perks*

  • After this process my cuticles and fingertips have felt a lot more hydrated, than soaking them in liquid as I previously have done. 


  • The time taken has been much quicker, less than 20 minutes compared to more than 30 minutes using the nail clip process. 


  • The removal gel does not have a nasty smell.


Thank you for reading this review. I feel like this alternative process does not get enough recognition despite it's simplicity, so feel free to share my post with your friends and family members. 


Do you enjoy visiting a salon to get a full manicure? 


Has this review persuaded you to use the removal gel at home?

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Across The Great Planes
8 months ago

Ooh this was really interesting! I hadn't heard of this before but it sounds like a must try. I'll have to bear in mind the lesson you learnt too! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts x

8 months ago

You're very welcome and thank you for reading. Good luck x