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Published on 7 July 2022 at 10:56


Quite a personal post today, some people find this sort of matter a more private respectful one, I honestly don't mind who would like to know if I support charities or why. The forefront of it all is for good reasons, it's giving to organisations and helping others. 


All the more important also if you have personal reasons for donating to a specific charity or cause. Below I list the charities that I don't necessarily go out of my way to help but have supported them in donating whenever the chance arises. I will also try to explain my reasons why. 


The British Heart Foundation 


Founded in 1961, they fund medical research relating to the heart and circulatory disease. Around 1.4 million people in the UK today have survived a heart attack. The heart is a complicated muscle and made up of many intricate vessels, veins and arteries, we deserve the research behind every cardiologist we can get. 


I support this Charity because like many of you out there, maybe related to or know someone who has heart problems. My dad is one of them. December 2019 two days before Christmas my dad got rushed into hospital. He stayed in for a further 4 weeks and we were informed on Christmas day the possibility of a triple heart bypass. 


To cut a long story short, thankfully my dad's cardiologist was able to unblock some arteries using an angioplasty procedure and insert some stents at the same time. But without the research this amazing procedure wouldn't be available. He is still not out of the woods but is being kept a very close eye on by his cardiologist thankfully.



Diabetes UK 

Once again a Charity that is close to me for my dad's reasoning. He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was just 14, he has type one which is incillin dependent. I remember growing up smelling that incillin smell a lot but to us kids it became part of our lives too. 


I don't think many people understand just how dangerous this condition can be. It has a domino effect on organs in the body, your eyesight and for some the loss of limbs, to name a few.  


The charity carries out research to help fight against one of the biggest health conditions in the UK and their website is full of advice, helpful links and some lovely stories from diabetics who share their own personal journeys. 


Crohns & Colitis UK 


With these debilitating diseases being more common than you think, not many people actually understand it. With two close relatives and my partner all diagnosed with Colitis, this Charity is such a great support. They provide comfort and guidance to sufferers for whatever they need and whenever they need it. Their support line is brilliant, very kind and helpful people. 


Me and my partner have attended a meeting for sufferers before and it's so good to chat to others in the same position, and very openly too. Crohns & Colitis UK organise these meetings very regularly. We have also attended fates to raise money for the Charity. They are marvelous in what they can give back to sufferers of this cruel disease.



Everyone's Charities 


Those above are my personal Charities that whenever I have the chance I support. Now I talk about the ones that, like me, you have probably made a donation at some point in your life as they are annually celebrated and very recognised. I feel it is important to bring them to your attention if you are not familiar.


Children In Need


Helping children whose disadvantaged lives that require improvement with any needs and most importantly support in the United Kingdom. The show is aired usually in November and funding raised through this annual event goes to Charities who provide help to those disadvantaged children and young people. Pudsey the Bear was introduced in 1985 five years after CIN first aired on TV. Lots of celebrities get involved and many known supermarkets sell merchandise too. Schools and businesses think of ways to raise money for example bake sales, non-uniform days, talent competitions or even reading challenges.



Race for Life - Cancer Research UK


Another Charity you may be aware of, what a fantastic way to raise money for such an important cause. I have only done one Race for Life with an eagerness of doing another. I raised £109.50 last time and would absolutely love to beat that as I know I can. These events are just so popular because whether you are doing it for personal reasons or like me wanting to do your part, innovation is the heart of it all. It was the most incredible and heart felt atmosphere I had experienced, everyone was encouraging and spirits were high. It was organised really well and the rush after, that I had personally completed it, was insane! 


And this last Charity is another I have participated in an event for in the past:




I had just started work in my very first job after leaving school, there was a girl who I found a quick connection with straight away. One day she was talking to me about signing up to do an abseil for this Charity as her grandad had recently lost his sight. And before I knew it I had also signed up. We received our sponsorship packs soon after and counted down to the day. Increasingly riddled with anticipation, the day arrived and as I stood watching others and then my work colleague complete their abseils, I knew this was going to be a moment I would never forget. 


The Royal National Institute for Blind People has a huge support network with help and guidance for those who have sight loss or are partially blind. 


There is something amazing about people getting involved as much as they can to raise money or awareness of a Charity. Every little donation helps enormously and is greatly appreciated. You may find that joining any sponsorship program will increase not only new bonds and friendships but a sense of personal accomplishment too. 


Are you a regular donator for a Charity? 


Has this post made you think about raising any money for a Charity now?




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