National Selfie Day

Published on 30 June 2022 at 16:01


It was national selfie day on 21st June and I for one didn't really understand why Selfies had to claim their own day. I am not a selfie kinda girl, in fact I rarely take photos at all. I know that's not good, but I believe if you're too busy on your phone taking photos then you're not taking in the experience that's in front of you properly. Family always tell me 'it would have been nice to have seen what you had got up too', especially on holidays or days out but I just don't think to carry my phone in my hand every minute of our experience. The word 'selfie' is now included in the dictionary, how crazy is that? 


Selfie: a photograph taken with a smartphone or other digital camera by a person who is also in the photograph, especially for posting on a social media website. 


So when I knew this particular day was coming up I actually wondered what it would be like to be that person taking selfies throughout my day. Now, as this day fell on a Tuesday, that's a day I work, so it wasn't a great day's worth but here's how it turned out. 


The 9am coffee

Yep I'm a coffee addict. I honestly have to grab my coffee at the local shop vending machine every single morning, it starts my day off well.



Here I am sitting at my desk, starting my PC up, logging on and sipping my caffeine, I actually hate  those mornings where I'm so busy that I forget to drink all my coffee before it goes cold… it's so disheartening to me. 


The 12.30pm surprise 

Ahh I can't believe it, my office manager had a meeting out of the office and returned with a surprise order of more coffee. Ok, literally one of the best days ever! If you know me, you'll know that this is the best gift anyone could buy me, yes I'm easy and it's definitely the little things that matter to me. Well that cheered me up, it was beginning to become a bit stressful here at the office.



Hot and bothered 

Today was a warm day, sun shining and blue skies overhead. After leaving the air conned office and getting into a boiling hot car, I start to feel sticky and uncomfortable, this is me chilling at home after the school run and trying to keep cool. I think we will have some nice weather in the coming weeks, I'm glad it is bright and summery but I just don't enjoy the heat.



Goodnight pose

I haven't been upto much this evening except to watch some Netflix, so my next selfie was the pose that says 'goodnight all, I'm going to sleep'. Im not even sure if this a good angle? 



How do I feel now? 

In all honesty, I still don't get it! I feel uneasy and have no confidence in putting these selfies out there. This particular day has not changed my mind from what I mentioned above. Why do people think about taking their phones out to highlight one moment in their day? Did it make me feel better about myself, no. Maybe it does to others. 


Maybe a poignant reason to some, might be to make a statement. A 'This is me' kind of thing and I want to share. Which is such a big deal right now so I completely understand that. If it wasn't for the likes of Snapchat and Instagram it wouldn't be so popular would it. 


And then there will be those who think taking selfies is quite vain. Can it also be a boredom situation too? Whatever we believe about that photo you take of yourself, I hope it gets you what you desire. Take care out there. 


How important are selfies to you?


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