The Visit From Beyond

Published on 11 April 2022 at 19:40


This is a post about something I have seen that I rarely hear anyone else experience. I was young when my Grandad passed away and he was the first close family member to die, his funeral was upsetting and I remember it like it was yesterday. Seeing my family cry was a whole new situation for me at the time. 


Is it comforting knowing that someone who you didn't realise you were close with before they passed away, can end up making an impact on your future? 


What I have seen

I used to share bunk beds with my sister, I was always on the bottom bunk, it was in the middle of the night and I turned over in bed. As I turned over I felt something on my bed, I naturally knocked whatever this was and said 'oh sorry'. I distinctly remember seeing my Grandad (who had passed away a few months beforehand) sitting on my bed and he got up and left through the bedroom door. If this wasn't enough, he was of a light green colour, not bright but quite opaque.


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I was about 11, I remember being very confused in the morning, did I really see what I saw? Or was it a dream? I did tell my mum but I just wasn't able to describe it fully back then. I guess it kind of sounded unbelievable, but why me? And since then too, I have been the only one who has experienced something like this in my family. 


Being with me


I have quite a few more stories since this original one and they may sound unbelievable but they meant something to me at the time. My family say he is watching over me.


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Second Sign


It was the day of my driving test, I was so nervous I didn't think about anything else and focused purely on just getting through. I ended up passing on my very first test, I was so excited. When I got home no one was around, I remember seeing our next door neighbour out the front and ran out to tell her, I needed to tell someone. I then rang my Nan, I knew she would be home, I explained I've done it, I passed etc and my nan asked me 'do you know what day it is today?' I had no idea, she told me it was my Grandad's birthday. 


Well that was it, I got upset and knew full well he had been with me all morning and I passed because of his support. 


Third Encounter 


When I was pregnant I could not sleep most nights, I would usually wander around the house, or stand and stare out of windows or just toss and turn trying to find the right comfy position. 


We had small venetian blinds up at the windows in the bedroom and they were a cream colour and would let light in from the street lamp outside, I remember taking a quick look at one of the blinds while moving around in bed, and there he was, in them blinds, a particular picture of my Grandad when he was in the RAF. My Nan has this picture of him, a close up in his uniform, black and white, hat on in an oval picture frame. That was the exact image that I saw in the window.



I have no idea to this day why that particular photo showed up out of nowhere, I have no idea why it happened that particular night, but all I know is by now I need to start taking a hint… grandad really was with me in some shape or form. 


How I feel now 

I know after everything I have shared here, you would think I believe in something after a life wouldn't you? But even with my experience from this, I am still skeptical. 


I am the eldest Grandchild, I feel he has been there on some of my biggest accomplishments, and it also feels comforting seeing some signs of that, but yet I am still not wholly convinced by the presence of spirits from the other side.


Have you witnessed the green light of someone who has passed away? 


Do you remember your very first experience of a funeral?

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