Why I am a Plain-Jane

Published on 29 March 2022 at 18:47


This post comes directly from my heart, I want you to know how I truly feel about myself when it comes to everyday life and doing key tasks. One example is, 11 months on from starting my blog site and I am still so nervous to put 'me' out into the big world of occasional controversy and judgement. 


I also wanted others to know that actually sometimes you can be doing all the right things but are blind to the compliments and that it really is ok to be in the middle of this spectrum of big personality traits, confidence and extroverts. 


What does 'plain-Jane' mean? 

Usually speaking it means unattractive girl or woman, non-fancy or non-glamorous. Often uninteresting or dowdy. 

But I want to use the term in a way that explains me as a person, not what the dictionary says it means. How I perceive the word to mean - ordinary or bland, someone who does not want to get noticed or stand out and just blends into the scenery.



Explaining me

I am natural, I don't have anything false and I'm not interested in wearing make up 24/7, I am not tall but not too small either, I wear dark clothes and rarely any bright colours. I wouldn't say there is anything that stands out about me. 


My hair is cut short but I don't maintain it regularly so it grows to look fairly untamed and I don't drive a particularly girly outlandish car, it blends in just like I do. 


I am a plus size girly with big boobs and I have been told my smile is infectious, but trying to make my point here, I am rather plain if you will. I blend in, you could not pick me out of a crowd. 


Am I okay with that? 

I perceive that I am unattractive to everybody and everything, so mentally have I chosen to blend in by choice? Some would say a Plain-Jane is not very memorable and I am happy with that, yes. 


I admire… 

There are plus size girls out there who are extroverts, they wear what they like and be who they want to be. Hats off to them! I am in awe of that confidence too. I personally feel slightly uncomfortable with any attention, I don't often want others to notice me. 


So do I need to make more of an effort most times? Yes I do, more than you think. Is this being negative about myself? Yes but that's ok because I have room to shine if I wanted to. Do I receive more respect for not being an extrovert? Yes, people often accept the fact I am ordinarily plain, I have friends and a supportive partner around, who love me for me. 

I have never turned heads or received double glances or even been remembered in the smallest of places. Comparison to those who are flamboyant and attractive is a fact that lays at the forefront of everything I do. But I really don't mind, I am happy, I am me and I am proud to be a Plain-Jane.



I thrive in my own little way, work wise I am great at my job and clients connect deeply with me. I am opinionated but when it matters most people listen when I speak. And I have achieved lengthy friendships because I can laugh with them and respect personalities. 


Remember, natural beauty is attractive too. 


Having to take 30 to 40 minutes in front of a mirror every single day to put lots of makeup on becomes everyone's expectation of you. Me, if I made the effort to put a touch of lip gloss on, it gets noticed. The room is there to make a difference…. Only if I wanted to of course, attention isn't for me, remember. 


Did this post resonate with you? 


Would you feel happier being a plain-Jane too?


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2 years ago

This resonates with me well. I don't dress up or wear make up a lot. I don't really enjoy it. I agree with those who say you have an infectious smile - you definitely do! I don't see anything bad about being plain - heck I even have the word in my blog name! I'm happy not standing out too much :)

2 years ago

Thank for your lovely compliment. We all have a smile that is infectious, smiling is the strongest weapon we have. I am with you, I also don't enjoy the make up application either.

Nithin RS
2 years ago

Being yourself is the best thing you can do in a fake world.

2 years ago

Could not agree more with your comment here x

Molly | Transatlantic Notes
2 years ago

This resonates with me in many ways; I can stand out and be noticed or blend in if/when I choose. Having bright (natural) red hair can make going unnoticed a bit harder but that can depend on where I am, etc. I'm beautiful and sometimes wear make-up but I've never felt I had to look a certain way to be accepted as I'm not looking for anyone's approval (super stubborn, haha)! This was very thought-provoking!

2 years ago

You sound very happy with who you are here Molly and your confidence radiates. I am glad my post is thought provoking for this very particular reason. We are fantastic we are amazing x

Aspen Hite
2 years ago

This resonates with me in a variety of thought-provoking ways. Thank you for sharing. 💜

2 years ago

You're welcome and thank you so much for reading